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PSX / Ecm / pbp

  • My understanding is it’s best to use PBP format for PSX games. I have a bunch in ECM format. Should I just find PSP Roma (PBP format) or should I stick with the PSX/Ecm and convert to PBP?

    In summary, if I’m looking for a specific game, should I just look for the PBP rom?

  • @chigundo It’s faster to download the eboots since you’ll have to uncompress the ecm files then convert that.

  • @chigundo I only download bin cue files (uncompressed ecm). An eboot on the internet can have been finetuned to work on a psp but can have problems on a Pi.

    If you have the space you dont need to turn them into eboots either.

  • @bobharris i prefer pbp files. And i can swap discs with hotkeys as apposed to going through the rgui menu. Then searching for the next disc. Then having to rename the gamesave names. Too much crap to have to do.

  • @edmaul69 I thought you did not have to rename the game saves anymore. Switching of discs is a bit more cumbersome, but only needed once or twice in multi disc games so I can live with that.

    Edit: PetroRie said that about the save files, but I'm reading mixed experiences on several sites, so I don't know who is right.

  • So if anyone wants to use the bin cue format in multidisc games and if we assume edmaul69 is right, then you can take the following steps to prevent having to rename save files and make switching discs more straightforward. For example for Final Fantasy VII:
    Put your Final Fantasy VII bins and cues in a newly created folder called psx-roms (inside the 'roms' folder).
    Use notepad to create a file called Final Fantasy VII.m3u.
    Inside this file write the names of your cue files, preceded by '../psx-roms/' :
    ../psx-roms/FFVII(disc 1).cue
    ../psx-roms/FFVII(disc 2).cue
    ../psx-roms/FFVII(disc 3).cue

    (your cue names are most likely different)
    Save this file inside your psx folder.
    Then use the Final Fantasy VII.m3u to start the game.
    State saves are stored in the psx folder and are called Final Fantasy VII.state.
    srm saves are stored in the psx-roms folder and have the same name as your last game disc.
    To change discs go to disk control, eject the disc and cycle to the next disc, close disc tray et voila.

    Thanks to joemommasfat on Reddit for the guide.

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    @bobharris said in PSX / Ecm / pbp:

    Thanks to joemommasfat on Reddit for the guide.

    To be fair, the information is already in the Wiki -

  • @mitu Good point. I did visit that page, but obviously did not look good enough. :-)

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