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  • I have a non-RetroPie installation of Kodi, but it appears your fork of EmulationStation is the most up-to-date. Is there a repository with a Kodi add-on for that fork somewhere so I could install it without compiling everything?

    If not, would others be interested in having such a repository? That sounds like something I might be able to set up.

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're wanting, but the pplware repository is what's used to install the latest Kodi on RetroPie.


    If you mean that your running RetroPie, using a non-RetroPie installation of Kodi and are looking for a way to install the latest version of Kodi from within RetroPie, it can be installed from the RetroPie-Setup alongside all the other ports and emulators.

    Emulation Station is just a launcher for all the various software in RetroPie and doesn't have what you might think of as add-ons. Outside of using it to launch the executable from a script, Emulation Station isn't connected to Kodi in any meaningful way.

  • No, what I mean is that I'm running Kodi (using LibreELEC as my OS/distro), and Kodi itself has a notion of plugins so that you can launch different programs, etc. from Kodi. I'm not running RetroPie at all (yet).

    For example, by enabling this Kodi add-on repository in my installation of Kodi, installing the EmulationStation add-on listed there downloads and installs EmulationStation for me, including a launcher within Kodi, without the need for manual compilation. The problem is that it uses the original Aloshi version of EmulationStation. I was hoping to find a similar add-on that would install the RetroPie fork of EmulationStation instead, since the Aloshi version is out of date.

    It's possible I'm confused about the relationship between EmulationStation, RetroPie, and other parts. My understanding was RetroPie was just a convenient package for assembling together some sort of Linux distro, EmulationStation, and possibly some other software underneath, and I thought the EmulationStation part could stand on its own.

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    @jschuster said in Standalone Kodi add-on for EmulationStation?:

    I thought the EmulationStation part could stand on its own.

    it could, but then it's up to you to build all the various emulators, config files, file structure, drivers, and then manually create the associations within emulationstation.

    the retropie-setup script does all that automatically, but it won't function in libreelec.

    that said, it looks like the repo you linked does much of that already. in which case, you could see if you can build emulationstation for libreelec but use retropie's source instead, and then use that binary in that repo instead of the aloshi fork. sounds like compiling it might be tricky, though:

  • I found this addon for OSMC a while ago, but I never tested it. So I don't know if and how it works for Open/LibreELEC.

  • Well this is not a RetroPie related question, you also said you are not using RetroPie.
    You should ask the guy who makes that add-on to update ES on it. Or most probably better, just install and use RetroPie.

  • This isn't about RetroPie directly, but it is about EmulationStation. The most up-to-date version of that seems to be managed by the RetroPie organization, which is why I posted here.

    Thanks for the pointers, everyone. I don't have much time to dig much more into this right now, but if I end up finding a good solution I'll post back on the forums in case anyone else is interested in something similar.

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