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Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii Emulator on Ri3

  • Hey guys,

    i want to play games form the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii on my RaspberryPi 3!
    Is that possible? Does anybody know how it's possible?


  • Hi there!

    First of all it is good to go to the Retropie Github page which contains a lot of useful information as well as an idea of performance.
    Here is the DS one.

    Although the Pi3 is a very powerful little computer, the Nintendo DS and the Wii even more so are just too much for it to handle.

    Right now the emulation seems to max out at average N64/PSP/Dreamcast emulation with tuned settings.

  • So, i had to go in the RetroPie Setup and install the Source-based installation? Is that right?

    I try to Overclock my Pi3 so maybe, he will emulate the games of the NDS and the Wii.

  • I need someone who gives me the awnser, please.

  • Global Moderator

    you have the answer.
    "Note that this is very experimental and lags quite a bit even with an overclocked Rpi 2. But it can be installed through the experimental menu in the RetroPie Setup Script."
    there is only one option to install things via the experimental menu - from source.

    the wii is not supported by retropie. look at the requirements:

  • The Pi3 doesn't have the power to handle an emulated DS or Wii (especially the Wii as the Wii specs outmatch the Pi)

    Also gameplay on the systems would not be very good as the DS is a two screen console and the touch would be hard to handle

    Also the Wii uses motion sensitive controls which in its current state, the Pi doesn't work with.

    So to put it plain language,

    The Pi does not emulate DS or Wii

  • @Kumpfi if you want to emulate both, go with a Intel NUC5PPYH.
    it may be a little over your budget, but you can play wii and ds no problem.(maybe you could even play ps2)

  • I know this post's old, but I just had to answer anyway.
    I've seen a lot of people saying that the Pi3 lacks the power to emulate the DS or Wii. But I cannot agree. At this point there are quite well working emulators and when using DraStic on the Pi2 I was able to play some DS games quite fine.

    It handles the SplitScreen by just showing the secondary display under the first and it says in the option that you can theoratically activate touch functionality although I cannot comment on this.

    It still is highly experimental but I didn't run into any hiccups or errors while playing with it. So if you want to give it a go, go here to get further information:

    If you want to set it up under RetroPie, like I did, you will have to go into Settings -> RetroPie Setup and the install it within the package manager. I am not sure but I installed lr-desmume just to be sure that the controls work but you probably don't need it.

  • I have installed the NDS (Drastic) emulator on my Rpi3 and all NDS games that I have tested works fine without frames rate issues.

    I think that Drastic emulator on Rpi3 is running very well actually.

    First of all, make a experience with Drastic and post your Feedback.

  • I agree with @vikingrock .

    Drastic is an amazing emulator and work 100% for all games I tested.

    Only barrier for some games is the actual touch pad but many don't require one.

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