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tgz-850m shanwan / android 2.4ghz wireless controller hotkey config?

  • hi all,

    does anyone know how to configure the controller hotkeys for the tgz-850m wireless controllers?

    (these are inexpensive wireless controllers bought on ebay that resemble a ps3 controller)

    the controllers themselves connect and work fine, as they use their own 2.4ghz wireless USB adapters. they show up as "shanwan / android" controllers in the input setup process, and i'm able to configure all of the controller keys properly.

    however, i've not been able to find a key to setup as a hotkey so that i can exit the games.

    there is a "home" button on the controller, but for some reason it isn't read during the controller setup.

    any advice appreciated.

    kind regards,

  • Global Moderator

    @stillerz Skip the hotkey and the input mapping will offer you to use the Select key as a hotkey, which is perfectly fine when you don't have an extra button to spare.

  • @mitu Thanks, I did try that -- leaving Hotkey unmapped -- but using Select hasn't worked when I attempt to exit from arcade (or other) games.

  • Global Moderator

    @stillerz What emulators are not working ? Only the lr- (libretro) based emulators are using the Hotkey + Start button combination to exit, other emulators might have a different key combination.

  • @mitu I'm using lr-mame2010 for example, and whenever I press the Select button it just adds credits. Pressing both Select and Start at the same time does the same thing. It does not exit the game.

  • @stillerz You need to reconfigure your controller.

  • Following-up, I think the controllers are configured correctly. They are just using the default hotkey setting. It's just a little wonky-ness with the device when pressing the Select and Start buttons at the same time. It seems to take several tries, but then it does work.

    Thanks for the help!

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