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  • @cyperghost @mitu Just continuing our endeavors here.

    There will be a tad more needed to the script in addition to the "-nehahra" switch

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    @semper-5 Alright, so - amazingly - I could download my copy of Quake and downloaded also Nehahra. To start it, just make sure you have the proper files and you installed Darkplaces from the RetroPie setup script, then create a launcher next to the script, containing:

    "/opt/retropie/ports/darkplaces-quake/darkplaces-sdl" -nehahra -basedir "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/quake/" +map nehstart

    Restart Emulationstation, and choose to play Nehahra from the Ports folder, then you'll be booted in the Nehahra start map.

    Unfortunately I don't have a keyboard on my RetroPie system so I didn't progress much.

  • @mitu hawdamn! I would have never figured that out!
    thank you VERY much! I can't wait till 5pm so I can actually take this home and play lol

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    Note that you'll be needing a 'registered' (i.e. full) version of Quake (1) to play it, the demo won't cut it.

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