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New overlay: Space Panic - Universal

  • @jozzy1 wow just used this and installed a bunch of great arcade overlays. Somehow I accidentally installed a generic NES overlay that shows up on every NES game. I'd like to remove it but it doesn't show up in the uninstall section of the rpie-art script. Anyone know how I can remove it?

  • @quicksilver I had the same problem so I used winscp to ssh into the folders


    I found the file and deleted them manually. I'm not exactly sure where the file is though because I removed them a while ago.
    I know this ain't much help but I hope you get the idea.

  • @clyde Sorry for the delay.. little time lately for overlays.
    Here's the 1600x1200 as requested:

    alt text

    Available in the Repo.
    You have to use @meleu 's script to install and select the 1600 version; otherwise if you install manually you got to edit the cfg with the right overlay filename.

    Note: never did a 1600x1200 overlay so far, so please check if the actual game area fits correctly on your screen.

  • @udb23 Wow, many thanks! It fits perfectly, with and without the curved shader I use (ghogan42's zfast_crt_curve). The only detail worth mentioning is a fine yellow line at the edges where the overlay meets the game's screen.

  • @clyde Huh, yellow line? Is on the sides (vertical) ? Will check and edit.

  • @udb23 It's on the inward sides of the red vertical lines as well as around the astronaut's pointing hand.

  • @clyde Uploaded fixed image. It seems the selection of the game area (that needs to become transparent) left some borders. Should now be ok. Let me know.

  • @udb23 The yellow lines are gone and you're my hero. :) Looking forward to other 4:3 1600x1200 overlays from you in the future, maybe, I mean … O:)

    Off topic, but I suddenly have no sound in Space Panic, but I am sure I had sound before. Apart from installing your overlay, I upgraded my system from Retropie 4.3 to 4.4 today, so I don't know if Space Panic had sound in 4.4 before I installed your overlay. Do you happen to know about sound issues in Space Panic, or sound issues after installing overlays? I didn't find any other arcade game without sound, yet.

  • @clyde said in New overlay: Space Panic - Universal:

    Do you happen to know about sound issues in Space Panic,

    Space panic requires samples as far as I know. You can find them here.

    or sound issues after installing overlays?

    No impact on game sounds coming from overlay install :-)

  • @udb23 Argh, thanks for reminding me. I wanted to copy the samples to the 4.4 sd card, but had to expand its partition first, and then I forgot to copy the samples … :P

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