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Wondering about overheating for RPi3 B+

  • So I've recently ordered a RPi3 B+ Kit from Amazon ( and I plan on using it for retro gaming, I will use the heat sinks that come with the kit hopefully, so I am wondering if there are any overheating issues for the RPi3 B+ with retro gaming, I plan on emulating many systems including PSone, N64, PSP and Dreamcast, so I would like to know if there will be any overheating issues whilst running these systems (or any other system).

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    @driagonv it depends on your environment, you pi3+ board (the temperature they run at is 'random' to an extent), the case, etc.

    pi's have robust temperature throttling, so if you overheat you'll see a symbol and your pi will downclock, so there's no risk. it's easiest just to try and see what happens. we can't really predict.

  • @driagonv I have a pi 3 B+ with cpu/gpu heat sinks in a clear case that I have setup in my basement (so cooler ambient temperatures). I have it overclocked to 1.5 ghz. If I just run like that I get temps in 70’s. But by just having a small Externally powered (not thru the pi) USB desktop fan blowing across the Pi that brings the temps down to 47-50. It runs n64 (Mario Kart) and some Dreamcast games (skies of Arcadia) relatively well.

  • I have a RPi3 B+ with no heat sinks, and stuffed inside a retroflag nespi case. No overclocking. I thought for sure that the restricted airflow might be a problem, but so far I have no problems with this.

    I mainly run emulationstation, and occasionally run kodi ... neither seems to have caused any temperature issues even under extended use, and I generally just leave it on all day.

    Hope that helps

  • @dankcushions @jamesnj thanks for the replies, @jasonw how did you install your fan< did you put a hole in the case and place the fan there? and if not how did you install it because the case I will use has 2 holes/vents for airflow, one at the top and one at the bottom, so I am wondering whether the fan should go at the top or bottom vent or should it be installed into the case.

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