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GlideN64 resolution bad

  • Hi everyone

    Gles2n64 looks awesome, runs well for some games. But I’ve read that GlideN64 is better for others. I swear I’ve used GlideN64 hires and it’s looked great but now it’s very pixelated.

    No overclocking applied yet. Did a clean install of retropie a week ago to make sure nothing i’d done is affecting things.

    Cheers. Chris.

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  • @dankcushions not the same question. Last question was about pixelation but was due to default emulators not sticking. I Did a clean install as written. The Default emulator choice is now sticking. Just the Recommended emulator (glide, the hires version also) for certain games is pixelated.

    It’s hard to determine attitude and emotion from text on a screen so I won’t comment on that, however your suggestion hasn’t solved my question at this stage.

    GlideN64 (inc the high res) doesn’t look good, even though it’s recommended by many for some games, eg. Diddy kong racing.

    Cheers. Chris.

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    @avengerfishing said in GlideN64 resolution bad:

    GlideN64 (inc the high res) doesn’t look good, even though it’s recommended by many for some games, eg. Diddy kong racing.

    the high res version is still only 640x480 (the regular version is 320x240), which is pretty low resolution by modern standards. the pi is a very weak computer so it's all relative. it simply cannot handle higher resolutions so we don't offer them.

    the other n64 emulators (gles2n64, etc) are typically HD resolution but have much lower compatibility and accuracy compared to gliden64. you can try them as i suggested in the other post, but you won't be able to get a higher resolution in gliden64 without hacking the script, but the performance would be so terrible i wouldn't recommend it.

  • @dankcushions I see, so glide has never looked as good as gles? I was thinking I’d seen it look better at some stage but must be mistaken. I wonder if there’s any screen shots of glide on n64 retropie that I could find to compare.

  • @avengerfishing quite a while ago you could set the resolution manually for all n64 plugins. Anything above 320x240 came at such a performance hit that gliden64 and gles2rice were limited to 320x240 by default. The high-res option allows you to run at 640x480 but even then there is a performance hit. Even with overclock I get choppy gameplay with the high-res options for most games.

  • @quicksilver so even though the option is in the menu if you press a button at the prompt before the game starts, and you set the resolution different, it does nothing and is always the default you mentioned?

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    @avengerfishing the video display output resolution option in the runcommand is still respected, but that’s just the final resolution it’s scaled to, not the rendering resolution, which is hard-coded.

    so, yes, essentially.

  • @dankcushions well there u go. So using glide is going to look pixelated. Using gles hi res will
    Look much better but maybe under perform.

    I’ve got banjo kazooie, Mario 64, Diddy kong racing, dk 64, Mario kart and star fox 64 running pretty decent on gles hi res now.

    Waverace runs decent in rice hi res

    Goldeneye barely passable on gles

    Some overclocking done now. Guess I’m happy with where it’s at now then. Cheers.

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