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how to exit a game?

  • so i might just be dumb.
    back on an older version of retropie it was easy to exit a game. just press "Select" and "Start" at the same time and it would take you back to the emulator.
    now it doesnt work. ive looked online about this "hotkey" and enabled it. but on a SNES style controller theres already minimal buttons. and according to what ive read. "hotkey" + "start" will exit. so ive assigned hotkey to "select" and pressed start but no dice.

    any suggestions on reverting it back to the old way? or am i kind of boned and just gotta downgrade.

    i dont see anyone else with an issue so i dont know if i am just really stupid or if im the only one who uses a SNES style controller.
    on a rasp pi 3 model B. Retropie 4.4

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    The Hotkey/Select + Start exit sequence hasn't changed in 4.4 (why would it ?). You probably mis-configured your input settings or you are not using a Libretro based emulator. You didn't give much details about your system - please see

  • sorry. i didnt think much of that information wouldve mattered. im also not an advanced user when it comes to this kind of stuff
    i was sort of looking for an answer like "yes they did change it, now you gotta do these 2 buttons
    Pi Model or other hardware: pi 3 model b
    Power Supply used: aftermarket
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4
    Built From: pre made SD image on retropie
    USB Devices connected: usb SNES controller
    Controller used: SNES controller/PS4
    Emulator: N64, PS1.

    ive always had many retropies work on an older image but since i updated this one using the default emulators that come preloaded. i havent been able to get the exit function working.

    so what was the point of the hotkey? and should i configure it to on or just leave my SNES config as its always been with start being start and select beings select

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    @dojobaggins OK, so you might have had an older release where there was no 'Hotkey' button present in the input configuration dialog and Start + Select was automatically set. This is what you can do

    • configure you controller again in Emulationstation
    • when you get the Hotkey selection, just long press the A button to skip it, then save the configuration (press A).
    • there will be a prompt asking you if you want to use the Select button as a Hotkey, since you didn't assign a button to it. Choose yes here.
      Now the Hotkey will be mapped to Select and you'll be able to use the same exit shortcut as before.

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