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AES/MVS in FBA and Neo Geo system, want two different settings (solved)

  • I solved a problem in this thread:
    but a new one is arised. I use both FBA and Neo Geo folder and both are played with same fba emulator. What I want to achieve is AES console mode on Neo Geo and MVS coin up mode on FBA. The problem is, the setting for this is global to the FBA emulator, regardless which system I use.

    In the menu of FBA emulator:
    Quick Menu > Options > Force Neo Geo mode (if available) : MVS / AES / Unibios / Dipswitch

    The file is
    and the line I need to change is
    fba-neogeo-mode = "MVS"

    Does anybody know a solution to this dilemma? Would it work with mvs specific files only in and the other one with aes specific files in

  • @thelostsoul Use the unibios, an then you can set the mode per game in game.

  • @lostless Thats not what I want. I want avoid Unibios and just get a default setting per system.

    If there would be a command line option or the possiblilty with the described above?

  • @thelostsoul I don't think you can play your mode of choice without utilizing the Unibios.

  • Global Moderator

    I now realised that would be possible by changing the location of the core options file. By default, it's the one in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-core-options.cfg, but its location can be set through the core_options_path configuration parameter in retroarch.cfg. So try this

    • copy /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-core-options.cfg in the system's config folder (neogeo or fba) under /opt/retropie/configs.
    • modify the system's retroarch.cfg and add
    core_options_file = `/opt/retropie/configs/<SYSTEM>/retroarch-core-options.cfg`

    Then start a game in one of the systems and see if the core options you're interested in are saved accordingly - more specifically fba-neogeo-mode.

  • @bytethis At least it works by changing the option through emulator. Below your answer is a way which seems to work as I asked. So, say never never. ;-)

    @mitu Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into it later/tomorrow and hopefully it works. That would be awesome!

  • @thelostsoul For sure..I didn't intend to say by any means never. Was just going by my own experience. If there is a way in which @mitu posted that is a solution for you..try it out and I hope you have success. Not all of us have a linux knowledge :-)

  • @bytethis Yeah, everything is fine. I didn't want to "sound" like an a**hole. I have a good feeling about this; will report back. :-)

  • @thelostsoul Is all good ! Try it out and let us know ! Any improvement and workaround is a benefit to us all ! Good luck !

  • With your help, I finally tested this (so far with one game each system, but there should be no reason why the other games don't work as intended now) successfully. But there is a mistake in your posting.

    @mitu said in AES/MVS in FBA and Neo Geo system, want two different settings:

    • modify the system's retroarch.cfg and add
    core_options_file = `/opt/retropie/configs/<SYSTEM>/retroarch-core-options.cfg`

    The emulator does not seem to read from this setting, but there is already an existing setting for this file. Instead of core_options_file look for core_options_path. This worked for me. Anyway, thousands of thanks, as this was the last riddle in the Neo Geo mystery to me and I tried to figure this out since month! I am really happy now.

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