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  • I have a arcade setup with two sets of arcade buttons, everything is working fine with these.
    However recently I have connected two usb n64 controllers to use when playing n64 games only.(using joystick by selection)
    The issue I have is when i come to configure the n64 controllers is screws up the config for the original arcade buttons (equally config of the arcade buttons screws up the n64) I don't know whether is has something to do with the fact that they come up as dragonrise usb controllers as well and this is confusing the pi? (meaning 4 usb controllers are connected)

    Basically i was wondering the best way to overcome this issue so that the pi doesnt recognise the controllers as the same and mix everything up.

    Thanks in advance

  • @watford98 I am no expert (by any means) but someone on here will be able to confirm or deny the below:

    Can you use the arcade buttons to navigate Retropie/Emulation Station to load specific game and configure Retroarch to use the N64 controllers. There may be something simpler, just a thought.

  • @dirty_monkee so its literally i will configure the new controller and I can get it to work fine with n64 games but it will throw off all of the arcade controls and mix them around. So what was start will be B and what was B with be up etc.

  • @watford98 Can you not just configure the N64 controls in Retroarch, specific for that particular core?

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    I think your problem is that all controllers (both the arcade and the N64) have the same name and Vendor/Model IDs, making them appear as the same controller to the system.
    When you configure your N64 controller(s), the arcade buttons configuration is overwritten - since they appear the same - and thus your configuration is broken.
    Here's a topic discussing this - - but it's not the only topic with this problem.

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