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Hide PSX ROM Parent Folders

  • Hey everyone! I have been scouring the forums here for a way to simply hide the empty high-level game folders under PSX. I would like the boxart to display on the first PSX menu, rather than needing to open each game to view details or launch. I have my gameslist.xml downloaded for PSX, but don't see any way to simply bypass the "parent" folders. Pretty sure this is a common request, I am just not using the right keywords to find what I need.

    To be clear, I am not looking for how to hide roms from my list of current games, or hide consoles. I just want to remove a redundant menu click for my PSX roms.

    Really appreciate any help you all can point me towards!

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    @llama-trauma is there a reason you are using sub-folders in the first place? if you don't want the extra click, then just have every file in the /playstation/ folder :)

  • You know, on first glance I thought there were multiple required files in each primary folder, but it looks like there are only identical .bin and .cue files for each game. Since they are not being recognized as duplicates anyway, there should be no issue moving them up a directory. Thanks for the help!

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