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Running Crash Team racing psx

  • Hello folks,

    i Trying to play CTR on a Raspberry pi 3 but it either doesn't work or very slow...

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Thanks !

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  • Apologize !

    Pi Model 3
    Power Supply used: 2.5A
    RetroPie Version Used 4.4
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: game pad

  • @flammeur did you provide the BIOS file as instructed in the documentation?

  • @flammeur There are some important information missing. Which emulator are you using? Try to lower the resolution if that works. I assume you did not overclock. It also could be that your Pi is overheating and then throttle a little. What case do you use? Do you have a fan or heatsink?

  • I have set resolution to 480p and disabled shaders, that improved performance a lot (lr-pcsx-rearmed on Pi 3 B). Though split screen modes are still slow (2-4 players). I am wondering if split screen multiplayer was always an issue on original hardware. Or is it just an emulation issue?

  • @megaJekan Just a note, the TO was last online the day he created this thread. As for the slowdowns, I can't tell you, because I never played the original. But I remember having such multiplayer issues was the norm on many games and systems. At least you can turn on the FPS display in the emulator and see if the FPS is going down. Btw, I also play at 480p with almost none shaders, besides the basic scanline shader (which should not cost any performance). Some shader "can" cost performance on "some" emulators and "some" games.

  • @thelostsoul said in Running Crash Team racing psx:

    480p with almost none shaders, besides the basic scanline shader

    Thanks for replying, and which one do you use? Does it look good on low resolution (480p)? I had to refuse the idea of using curvature shader because of ugly circles drawn in 480p. Non-curvature ones (CRT PI and ZFAST) also look weird on low. res. So I just use scanlines overlay image + bi-linear filtering. Looks good enough and still fast.

  • @megaJekan I don't use bi-linear and my monitor is a PC CRT (VGA converter). I would say it looks ok, not spectacular or good. Especially Arcade games are problematic, but that is another story. On the PCSX-ReARMed I use the Shader "scanline.glsl" (Filter:Linear, Scale:Don't care) from emulators SHADERS menu. Honeytly, this does not look that great, but it is the only one working so far. On some other consoles I even use the "sharp-bilinear-scanlines.glsl". On the PSX some games look great with that sharp one, but some others are ugly. Crash Team racing is unplayable ugly with the sharp one, thats why i use standard scanline shader. I suppose it have something to do with different resolutions used by the games.

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