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Bartop Arcade "Retronator" on Raspberry Pi 3 model B

  • nice one...but the 2 buttons beneath the joysticks? don`t they get pressed if you rest your wrist on the CP?

  • Wow i must say.

    Very nice theme for a bartop arcade. I like it.

    What size is the screen/monitor and is it big enough for 2 player games?

  • @ByteThis In my case, I can quickly and conveniently turn off the lights or sound separately when they are not needed.

    And in general it’s just a pleasant feeling when you turn the toggle switches from left to right, the device starts to come to life, you feel like in an airplane cabin!))

  • @DorkVonWaterfall I first made them, and then I wondered if it would be convenient)
    I was afraid of that too.
    But in fact, the buttons do not interfere and are not pressed accidentally, it is quite convenient.
    But in the next project I will place them in another place, perhaps...

  • @tpo1990 I used a 43 cm / 17.2 inch display, 4:3 aspect ratio.
    Since the old games were designed for such a ratio, and some games from arcade machines are designed for a vertical display in general, it makes no sense to use 16:9.
    I was afraid that such a size would be too small, but it turned out to be quite enough, as the players stand close to the screen and play together.
    But in the next project, I most likely use 20 inches... Bigger is always better))

  • @Kopfsturm Thank you. it certainly is important to keep the 4:3 aspect ratio as it would provide a better experience of reliving the good old times of arcade machines.

  • Great work! I also love retrowave and actually had some thoughts for a theme like that on my bartop, but in the end i decided differently.

    I went for a 19" 5:4 screen (but 4:3 would be just as great) which i think is extra nice for vertical games. Didn't want a 16:9 screen for the purposes you mention. The only thing i didn't think of that i miss a little bit is the massive amount of game bezels/overlays that was created for 16:9 perspective. You can't really use them on 5:4 / 4:3. However, there are some great ones to be found here:

    5:4 is extra good for vertical games when using the screen in normal orientation.

  • @RedFarmer About side overlays - at first I wanted to leave the spaces on the sides of the display just black. But then it seemed to me boring and I used leftovers of the big side stickers)


    About aspect ratio - It seems to me that most games are still horizontal, so I didn’t want to initially make the screen vertical. Someone can use 16:9 immediately for vertical, but he needs to be very fan of vertical games)


  • Hello, i'm in love with the design, can you send me it ? If you have condition, please tell me

  • @Kopfsturm Dude, this thing is awesome! What a beast!

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