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Amiberry not working with LHA files. Controls seem broken (PS3 controller)

  • Hi,

    So i have had amiberry installed on retropie quite long ago (more then one year) and was using it with the WHDLoad created packages and .uae files. Games launched fine and to a certain extent i also had some control with my PS3 controller (could get the cursor to move and also enter maybe enter a menu or 2 but usually within the game i had problems with controls.

    So i recently read that Amiberry underwent some more improvements so i thought i'd give it another go.

    I have latest retropie stretch installed and installed Amiberry fresh from source. I have all the necessary Amiga roms in the Bios folder.

    1. I copied over a few example .lha games (Lemmings, North and South) to the Amiga rom folder yet in Retropie menu they don't even show up. So even though the latest Amiberry should be able to run .lha files i cannot because they do not show up in retropie menu.

    2. I then tried to at least check the new controller configs which are apperantly now mapped to Retroarch configs so i tryed running the WHDLoad created North And South game. Game boots up fine but even though Amiberry menu shows that my PS3 bluetooth controller is recognised as a Retroarch controller without changing around some settings i cannot even move the cursor in the game. Any and all controller changes also don't get saved within amyberry which is also frustrating. Hotkey buttons advertised as working do not work other then select+square to get me to the Amiberry menu. Within the game i can only control the cursor on the map but once i enter a battle i cannot control anything.

    I have read the Amyberry wikis on github on what needs to be setup and how but they do not help as for problem 1) i did everything as in the wiki yet games do not show up and for problem 2) the wiki basically states that as long as the controller is recognized as a Retroarch controller (which it is) everything should work fine out of the box (which it dosen't).

    So if anyone could offer some help with these two points i would appriciate it. I know there is an official Amyberry thread here but that is really long and i do not want to read through 1+ years worth of comments to see if other people had similar issue or not.

    Appriciate the help

  • Scratch issue 1) as i have found the issue. I had to manually ad .lha extension to the es_systems.cfg file. Nothing about this was mentioned in the Amiberry Retropie setup wiki so i really don't think this is something that is a given.

    Issue 2) still stands. None of the games really work correctly with the controller which inside of Amiberry settings is recognized just
    won't work properly (sometimes works partially but never good enough to actually play a game well).

  • @Freakadude said in Amiberry not working with LHA files. Controls seem broken (PS3 controller):

    Nothing about this was mentioned in the Amiberry Retropie setup wiki

    If you have used the Stretch 4.4 image, then there should be no need to make changes to es_systems.cfg. Installing Amiberry using the setup script should automatically add the .lha extension, the exception being if you are using a custom es_systems.cfg file.

    was using it with the WHDLoad created packages and .uae files

    Do you still have the .uae files in your setup? If so, remove them. They may contain settings which is messing up your controller config.

    Additionally, they are no longer required in 4.4. As the Amiberry wiki states:

    We would like to remove the need to create game-specific/individual configs (.uae files) for every game

  • @dudleydes I did build on stretch yet i did not have the .lha in the settings file. Regardless i have added it afterwards and the lha files are now launched HOWEVER the controlls are still shit and won't work.

    I had removed the old .uae versions of the games and tryed a .lha one. It launched fine however the single most irritating issue remains: Controls don't work. Adjusting control settings inside Amiberry options don't affect anything (Hotkeys don't work despite being manually enabled by me each time. Only hotkey that works is the one that takes me to the GUI) AND also are not saved (each time i start the same or different rom the controller settings are back they were before adjustments).

    I have tryed adjusting settings from inside Amyberry gui. Result: Nothing changes and settings are not even kept after restart.
    I have tryed adjusting various config files related to Amyberry with regards to controls (such as uaeconfig.uae in /opt/retropie/configs/amiga/amiberry/conf) Result: Nothing changes and settings are also not kept.

    Tryed also adjusting the hostprefs.conf file but that also did nothing.

    I am at my wits and i do in fact remember that the same controller did in fact work (to some extent) a year ago.

  • @Freakadude I don't have a uaeconfig.uae file on my setup. I would remove that file as well. Game specific settings, including controller configs, are now stored in whdload_db.xml.

  • @dudleydes I have now manually removed all traces of the emulator and config files from the system. Did a fresh reinstall from source. Still same issue. My PS3 controller shows up in the Inupt and Controller Mappings menus but Hotkey buttons are disabled by default. After enabling it they still don't work. Only select+square works. Controller is not doing anything in games. Adding commands to buttons in controller map changes nothing.

  • Suffering from similar issues. I will try deleting all the .uae and see if that helps me.

    If no luck I plan to raise this in Github. Thanks again to @dudleydes for his efforts.

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