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I can not configure the RetroArch controls inputs

  • Hello, I have installed RetroPie 4.4,(Raspberry pi 3 B)on the operating system: Raspbian, Everything's fine. Configure the controls in EmulationStation, all good.

    The problem does not have to open RetroArch, it does not work any control, keyboard, PS3 Dualshock ... Nothing, I must turn off the system cutting the power.

    How to configure the controls in RetroArch

  • @alicesim1 I have the same issue, I have managed, using a keyboard to get some response(jumps from top of page to bottom). I managed to use the esc key to quit the retroarch gui. If anyone has a fix, I also would like to know as I can find nothing.

    It worked for me before I ran an update and it stopped. Perhaps it is a bug in retroarch?

  • Maybe if we look at this doc, in detail we can help:

    I will inform if I find the problem and give a solution.

  • @alicesim1 I looked at it and tried to hook up the controls. Didn't work for me(not saying it won't for you) it's as if retroarch has forgotten where to find the files. I did uninstall and reinstall it to no avail and during the process of fixing it bricked emulation Station. I'm reinstalling from scratch later, will let you know if I can find the issue

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    @MosaicDragon Did you activate 'Save Config on Exit' ? It has the side effects of messing with your controls. Use the "Core Input mapping" option after you've set your controls instead of saving the config. More details in the page @alicesim1 posted.

  • @mitu I think I missed that bit. I'll have a look

  • In my case, it was because I registered the PS3 dualshok controls, using the xbox360 driver ... In emulationstation it works ... But in RetroArch it does not.
    The solution was: uninstall the xbox360 driver and re-activate the ps3 dualshock official driver, when rebooting ... Resigne the buttons in emulationstation, I recognized as ps3 dualshock command and I work the retroarch controls in all the emulators.

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