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Steam controller...

  • My second time asking- sorry.
    My setup is official image on pi 3b.

    My steam controller connects via bluetooth and appears to stay connected. However it has a small issue, its treated as a mouse thus has no use whatsoever. I have tried the steam controller driver and reinstalling it and reconnecting the controller. Even a complete reset of my pi didnt fix it(different story-i broke retropie). I can assure you the controller works fine as i use it for my phone/ pc and the bluetooth on my pi has connected a ds3 and an 8bitdo n30 so is not likely at fault. Where have i gone wrong?

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    @MosaicDragon Please stop opening topics with the same problem - you already have another topic (or 2?) with the same problem opened.

  • @mitu my apologies, im not sure of the rules here, one topic was different(relating to multiple controllers). Im just frustrated as there is clearly meant to be an option for this and i cannot seem to find any answers anywhere.

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