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X68000 - setting disk-swap directories

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    I'm trying to run some multi-disk games in lr-px68k and it's going pretty well except for one annoying thing.

    For games on more than two disks you have to hot-swap them during play. The Retroarch menu lets you do that easily enough, but it always starts looking in the Pi's root directory, which means a lot of tedious navigating through folders to get to the one with your disks in it.

    According to the libretro docs:

    "The starting directory for loading disks is determined by the setting StartDir in the system/keropi/config file."

    I worked out that this meant /opt/retropie/configs/x68000/config, which has a blank StartDir= line.

    But when I set it to


    it does nothing. Retroarch still starts looking in the root folder. I've tried adding and removing spaces and slashes at the start and end, to no avail. What am I missing?

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    Ha, outfoxed it. What it actually wants is the line

    rgui_browser_directory = "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/x68000/"

    added to /opt/retropie/configs/x68000/retroarch.cfg

  • Hello friends, I need to run in Sharp X68000 emulator .zip files using the .m3u method, but only works with uncompressed .dim files, anyone able to make it work with .zip files?

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    @SpudsMcToole I wonder if you get the same results by using


    That might be something worth setting for disc based games.

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