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Tomy Tutor - how to boot a cartridge?

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    This is a super-obscure old format with some very rare versions of arcade classics like Scramble, Mr. Do! and Turtles, and it seems to run well in AdvMESS with only one problem.

    When the Tutor boots, you get an OS screen saying PRESS ANY KEY. Any input registers for that - a keypress, a joystick direction or a fire button.

    Then you get a boot menu where you have to move a cursor down to select GRAPHIC, BASIC or CARTRIDGE (the latter launching the game). And unfortunately, nothing seems to register as the down button.

    The down cursor doesn't work, neither joystick works, none of the keys on the keyboard work. (Including the top-row numbers, which I thought might have done it as on MESS games use the numpad directions to move, not the cursors. Although the cursors DO work for the boot menu in Windows MESS. The keyboard I'm using has no numpad.)

    I can access the MESS menus fine, and all the config settings seem to be in order, and I've tried defining all manner of things, but nothing works for that pesky down button. I strongly suspect it's the only thing standing in the way of perfect emulation. Halp!

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    Just tried this with a full-size wired keyboard and nothing worked. No combination of shifts or alts or Scroll Locks or Num Locks could get a down arrow from either the cursor keys or the numpad. Somebody must know what's up here. It's one tiny obstacle in the way of a fully-working and interesting system.

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    Don't ask me to explain this, but to navigate the boot menu you have to hold up on the joystick while tapping the down cursor key on the keyboard.

    And I was right, get past that and the emulation is superb, bringing some real curios to the Pi. (For many years, the Tutor had the ONLY home-TV licenced port of Scramble, the only other format to get one being the Vectrex. Quite a brutal version of Mr Do as well.)

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