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Light Gun support for SMS/Genesis (Genesis Plus GX)?

  • Hi everyone.

    It's been awhile since I've tinkered with RetroPie - since the end of this past summer. Last I remember, there has been light gun support implemented with the NES emulator Nestopia, but there still wasn't support yet for Sega Master System or Genesis. Is there any official way I can request this from the devs? I grew up on SMS and I've been dying to play Rescue Mission since I put together my Wiimote/DolphinBar setup, which works great on AdvMame and NES.

  • Global Moderator

    According to the core Docs, it seems to support LightGuns.

  • I updated the core and it still doesn't work. Nestopia and AdvMame all work great for me with no calibration/tweaking needed. Just plug and play. Nothing works on Genesis Plus for me, re: light guns.

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