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PS1 save state issues

  • pi3b+
    128gb sd card
    3gb of free space
    on retropie 4.4.4
    all emulators are upto date

    so on my Pi3b+ i seem to get some slow down and freezing when trying to use a save state with ps1 games. using the in games saves works fine.. and even loading a save state works great, but if i decide to try to save state during a ps1 game i risk the game freezing up on me and having to reboot the pi... all other emulators work fine and other systems EXECPT snes9x2010, it would do the same thing so i had to switch that emulator

  • Global Moderator

    Does this happen for a game in particular or for all PS1 games ?
    How large is a save state ? Are you using a proper power supply ?

  • again.... playstation games..... and the snes9x2010 emulator lol i figured i wouldnt find a answer on here im pretty sure the official power supply is enough

    just posted a issue with re3 having load issues.... the guy wanted to know what kinda power supply i was using LMFAO outa 166 games why does the type of controller i use a issue at all.....

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