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mupen64plus settings per game?

  • Is it possible to change settings for standalone mupen64plus on a per game basis? Changes made to the mupen64plus.cfg as far as I know are global and don't allow per game changes. Just looking for an easy way to run chameleon twist using standalone mupen64plus. Unfortunately the game is not compatible with controller paks (which is "equipped" by default) and it is seemingly impossible to make it past the intro warning screen unless a rumble pak is configured. I was able to get into the game using lr-mupen64plus by changing to a rumble pak in the retroarch menu but I would prefer to use the more up to date mupen64plus-gliden64 if possible. This also makes me wonder if more games would benefit from individual tweaks.

  • It is possible to change settings in the libretro version of mupen64plus per game. But the normal mupen64plus cannot save settings for specific games aside from the videoplugin in the runcommand menu (The menu that appears by pressing a button before launching the game)

  • @Heartless yeah that's what I figured. I suppose you could make changes to the blacklist or one of the video plugin .ini files but that is a little above me.

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