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Hori RAP4 buttons work in MAME 2003, but not joystick

  • Pi Model or other hardware: 3B+ with 32gb card
    Power Supply used: Stock Canakit power supply
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4.4, with Emulationstation 2.7.6RP
    Built From: Raspian 4.4.12(1)
    Retropie USB Devices connected: mini wireless keyboard
    Controller used: Hori RAP4 (Playstation version)

    Sorry for the dumb question. This would seem an obvious thing to find, and I've read through a lot of documentation, but I just can't find the answer.

    I've been successful installing and playing 150+ games in FBA. I've just installed MAME 2003 Plus, and while I can get my buttons to work, the joystick doesn't register at all under any setting I've tried. The only decent thing I've found is this:

    Analog controller support¶
    Currently MAME 2003-Plus only supports analog controls in RetroArch by virtue of the fact that RetroArch passes on some analog input data to the core regardless of whether the core has implemented the analog interface. It is out-of-spec behavior and it also doesn’t encompass the full analog functionality of the libretro analog controls API.

    Now, I know my joystick registers as a D-pad. Does this mean I can't use it for MAME2003 Plus? Or is there a setting I don't know about? I've configured my controller in the Main Menu UI, and I've tried Modern Fightick and 8-Way as the User 1 Device Type in Retroarch. What am I missing?

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    @Mebejedi Have you tried it in Mame2003 (non-plus version) ? Does it work there ?

  • D-pads are digital controls, so you are fine there.

    Also, analog control support was added to MAME 2003-Plus two days ago, so even if you later add an analog joystick that should be mappable.

    I apologize for not providing troubleshooting steps but I wanted to at least clarify those points.

  • @mitu , Yes, sir. Works beautifully.

  • @Mebejedi how long have you had MAME 2003-Plus installed on this system?

  • @markwkidd , It's less than an hour old.

    I should also point out. Everything in 2003 works, except I can't get Button 2 (Oops) to work, either under Retroarch or the in-game settings. I swear it was working before.

    EDIT: I made my Hot Button the Pause button in FBA. Is this possible in 2003+ also?

  • You're probably one of the first 20 people to run the core now that analog input support has been added.

    On one hand you may be having an emulationstation or retroarch setup issue of some kind. On the other hand you may have discovered a bug that didn't come up during preliminary testing.

    For now I'm going to tag @Riverstorm and @UDb23 not because I have a specific question for them but just because they are also running this same latest build on rpi hardware.

  • @markwkidd Games I tested so far button 1 and 2 work.
    @Mebejedi Button 2 you mean default second button or are you trying to map a specific button/key ?

  • @UDb23 !, I'll try to explain my button mapping. (I really hate how these things are labelled.....very confusing)

    Based on this picture from
    alt text

    I swapped my buttons so that menu choices/game select/fire are all the same button. My buttons are mapped this way:
    alt text

    I can get Guns to work in Aerofighters....but nothing I map Bombs to works. (Just to clarify, this is in MAME 2003, not Plus, but it was working before I installed Plus.)

  • Tried some other games. In 2003, Button 2 doesn't work in Aero Fighters (World USA + Canada/Korea/Hong Kong) or Armor Attack
    However, it DOES work in Elevator Action Returns (Ver 2.20 1995/02/20) I even tried switching Button 1 with Button 2, but it doesn't matter.

    I'm not sure which MAME version these ROMs are yet. I haven't tried CLampro(sp)? yet. I have downloaded MAME_2003-Plus_Reference_Set_2018. I'll try some more games.

    In 2003 Plus, all buttons work, but no joystick.

    [EDIT] Tried it with keyboard. X key works in 2003, but not Z

  • @Mebejedi unlikely it is related to romset. Does this specific joystick don’t work or any joystick?
    Current version of m2003plus has an issue so l can’t enter the RGUI menu. As soon as fixed will check about the button remapping.

  • @UDb23 , I just wanted to be thorough. I have a couple of different hand controllers. I'll try them.

    Ok, this is the first time I've plugged in a second controller (bought a pack of various controllers for my son's computer, but also intended to use them for this.) I'm trying it in FBA first, because I know this section works.

    Problem is, when I load a game (1941), the Hori starts controlling the 2nd player (and works perfectly). However, my Hotkey no longer works (have to press escape on keyboard to exit). Back in the menu, the Hori works as expected. How do I keep the Hori as 1st player, and X Box controller as second?

    Once I figure out how to do this, I'll try it in MAME.

    Also, if the X Box were my main controller, which key should be the Hotkey? I use Key 13 on the back of my Hori because it's out of the way. Can't imagine which key I'd sacrifice on the X Box controller.

    [EDIT] Looks like people are using the Select key on the X Box controller.

  • @UDb23 , went ahead and unplugged Hori, swapped with X Box (which came up as USB joystick.)

    Dpad didn't work, but tried it with Analog stick and it worked. When I hit the Analog/Digital switch, the Dpad worked. Nice touch being able to switch controls on the fly like that.

    I removed the X Box and replaced the Hori. Still no joy on the Joystick, so it might be controller-specific.

    BTW, I somehow turned off the config menu (for emulators, etc) that comes up before the game. I had turned off warnings

    Ok...did some more messing around. I turned on the MAME menu (dip switches, etc....BTW, how do I turn this off in-game?)

    MAME Menu
    Analog on - joystick moves cursor
    Digital on - Dpad, joystick moves cursor

    Retroarch Menu
    Analog on - Dpad moves cursor
    Digital on - Neither Dpad nor joystick moves cursor

  • @Mebejedi have already tested the hori joystick with jtest ? More info here.

  • @Mebejedi Order of gamepads should follow the order you plugged them in. Used to be related to usb port previously.

  • @UDb23 I get this error

    pi@Pi_Derek:~ $ jstest /dev/input/js0
    bash: jstest: command not found

    That said, I know my joystick works, because it works in 2003, FBA, Atari 2600, etc...

    [EDIT] Just installed Joystick. Joystick and all buttons work.

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    for mame2003-plus on digital only turn analog off you only turn this on for analog controllers if your using them.

    ie snes and joysticks use dpads (digital hat). analog off( this is the default mode)

    you should do the following in settings
    enable legacy mapping ( this is important when it needed for analog or games using analog controls even on a dpad)

    in analog mode : directons are on axis 0 an axis 1 (lstick)

    in analog mode off (dpad is used)

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