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  • Hello,

    Pi 3B+ user here. I'm sure it's not a new topic but I've failed searching for similar to mine. The only search results concerns MAME. I'm familiar with problems people have with MAME emulators that don't support saves but there are other platforms as well which I struggle with the same error message. Perhaps there's a way around it but at the moment I cannot find any working solutions. I'm using libretro versions of each emulators. Have any of you managed to save game status on these platforms?:

    Atari 5200 (using lr-atari800)
    Commodore 64 (using lr-VICE)
    Amstrad CPC (using lr-caprice32) (CapriceRPI doesn't utilise Retroarch configurations and its' virtual keyboard doesn't have all the keys to start certain games)

    The reason I want these platforms to run is that there are 3 games I'd like to complete but are too difficult and time consuming to start over: Boulder Dash, River Raid and Montezuma's Revenge. I had these on my Atari XE (don't remember exact model) 30 years ago. As the version of each game differs significantly on each platform there's no way I find the 3 mentioned (similar looking) titles elsewhere.

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    i'm afraid saving ("serialisation") has to be implemented in each emulator, and it can be tricky. if you get this message, it simply hasn't been developed for that emulator yet.

  • @dankcushions It seems that the mentioned platforms aren't popular enough for people to work on them. That's too bad. ZX Spectrum sure gets much more love.

  • You can just use the non-libretro versions. They all support save states on RPi.

  • Hi, I asked the developer of lr-caprice32 if he would add save states to the core and he has now kindly implemented them.

    You can enable this functionality by running the "update from source" option for lr-caprice32 under RetroPie setup.

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