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cmake and macOS

  • So I just recently forked a copy of emulationstation and got it to compile and run on macOS. It however compiles as a unix executable that is linked against the development libraries that I installed.

    I think that Cmake can also build the project as an apple app bundle that will have all the extra libraries packed inside it. Does anyone have a good link on cmake that I can start reading to learn more about how to set up such a thing. I'm fairly new to programming and I'll be honest I'm not sure of what I'm looking at with the cmake files but I know I should start reading up on them.

  • Hey! A bit late haha

    So... I don't know much of cmake, but I ALWAYS like to start by the official website and documentation.

    I found an official tutorial on the official website:

    Not the BEST answer but I hope it helps...


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