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RetroPie controller configurations change after multiple reboots

  • Some of my configurations change after rebooting my RetroPie after a couple days

    So I am running into this strange problem where after configuring my RetroPie controller (usb arcade joystick/buttons), or specific configurations in RetroArch, they initially work fine, save, and work upon rebooting, but overtime (somewhere around 3-4 reboots) those configurations are gone.

    As a result, (after the multiple reboots, sometimes after even just one reboot) weird problems start occurring.

    For example, my joysticks end up going in the opposite directions on the RetroPie main menu and my hotkey within games no longer work.

    Any idea what is going on? Any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance.

    Pi Model: Raspberry Pi 3 B+
    RetroPie Version: v4.4
    Controller Used: DragonRise Inc. Generic USB joystick

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    @zacknawrocki said in RetroPie controller configurations change after multiple reboots:

    but overtime (somewhere around 3-4 reboots) those configurations are gone.

    You mean the configuration files are missing or the controllers stop working and you have to pair them again ?

  • Specific controls work incorrectly. The joystick ends up going in the opposite direction (only on the main menu), and while the Start and Select buttons work, overtime, I am not longer to back out of games with the Start and Select hotkey.

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    I've seen this type of reports when the user selects 'Save Configuration on Exit' in RetroArch - usually it manifests as controls no longer working/re-mapped weirdly. Otherwise, the controllers configuration is saved in RetroArch's auto-config folder and never touched unless you're re-configuring your input from Emulationstation.

    Did you enable 'Save Configuration on Exit' in RetroArch ? Are you using a 'standard' RetroPie image or is this a 3rd party image ?

  • @mitu I enabled save on exit and am using a standard image. For now, I'm going to probably leave my cabinet on and put on a powersave mode when not in use. If I figure out how to fix it, I'll make sure I update this thread.

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    My advice is to not use 'Save on Exit' and use Core/Game overrides for changes you want to add to the controls. If you want to have a global configuration setting applied to all Libretro cores, open RetroArch from the RetroPie system in Emulationstation, make your changes there (it will modify the global RetroArch config file) and use Save Configuration to save those changes. More details about the configuration structure used by RetroArch in RetroPie can be found here.

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