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Raspberry Pi3 Retropie : .lutro files for Mame2003 libretro aren't working

  • Hello everybody!

    I'm currently trying to launch .lutro files (ROMs for Mame2003 Libretro). Unfortunately it doesn't work, here's what happens when the ROM is launched :

    1- ROM seems at first to launch normally

    2- The screen goes black for about 1 second

    3- And we go back to the menu where Mame2003 Libretro games are

    What is the most annoying thing about this issue is that my final goal isn't even to simply launch a .lutro ROM but a game developped by classmates... But first I need to solve this problem.

    I saw a forum online talking about something called "Rewind". Apparently the issue would be related to the game who would be unable to have "savestates" and in order to solve that, we would apparently need to delete a file called nvram.

    And here we stumble against another issue... The nvram file maybe is (I still haven't checked) inside the offical .lutro ROMs. But I can assure all of you that there is no nvram files inside the game developped by my classmates, and our game has exactly the same issue as the official .lutro ROMs. So here we go back to the beginning. Maybe the issue is directly in Retropie. Maybe not. I really do not have any way to know that.

    That's why I hope that someone who reads this stumbled into the same issue and found a solution.

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    @TacticsCH I don't think .lutro files are arcade ROMs understood by Mame2003. Lutro games are handled by a different Libretro Core, the Lua Engine core -

  • @mitu Thank you for the response!

    Yeah when I saw your answer I thought about that.
    What I've seen on your link is that libretro recognizes only two types of files .lutro and .lua.

    So I tried to put a quickly developped game in .lua inside the Mame2003 ROMs file. And retropie doesn't even recognizes it : The .lutro games are there, but the .lua games aren't showing up.

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    to be clear, mame2003 is not the libretro lutro core. it will not support lutro or lua games.

    retropie does support the lua framework, though i've never tested it. it's in the experimental packages - see

  • @dankcushions Thank you! But I've found another way. I now am using the love emulator and it works perfectly. I just have to zip the files of our game and rename the .zip to .love.

  • Love Emulator? :O
    Never heard about this one.
    What is that? Some kind of japanese "i get no wife, so i try some tech" - toy? :/

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