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2 displays, HDMI for RetroPie gampley and 3.5inch LCD running cover art slideshow simultaneously ?

  • Recently built a retro console using the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and RetroPie software and all works fine.

    I run the main display (TV) via HDMI but what I would like to achieve is to run a second display at the sametime on a 3.5" LCD (which connects directly to the Pi Board). I would like the LCD to display a picture slideshow of random game box art automatically after the pi starts and to continue during gameplay use

    Not sure if even possible but any advice or help appreciated

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    You can connect a second display only over the GPIO - something similar to this setup should get your 2 independent displays - one for normal gaming via HDMI and a 2nd one over the connected over SPI (GPIO pins).
    The 2nd display can be used for showing the images (via fbi) or even videos (via omxplayer).

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