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RPi0 - PCSX-ReARMed - Methods of mapping Escape keyboard key to a button combo?

  • Pi Model: RPi0W
    Power Supply Used: 5V 2.5A Switching Power Supply with 20AWG MicroUSB Cable
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4.12
    Built From: Premade SD image on RetroPie website.
    USB Devices Connected: Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad
    Controller Used: Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad
    Error Messages Received: N/A
    Log Found In /dev/shm/runcommand.log: N/A
    Guide Used: N/A
    File: N/A
    Emulator: PCSX-ReARMed
    Attachment of Config Files: pcsx.cfg
    How to replicate the problem: N/A

    So, I'm messing around with PSX emulation on the RPi0 with PCSX-ReARMed because I'm interested in that RetroFlag GPi. Putting aside any issues that the case/kit might introduce, I want to see which games run at or close to full speed on a RPi0 with auto-frameskip on (turning off frameskip whenever needed if it causes extreme issues) and emulate well using just the inputs you would find on a SNES controller since that's all the GPi has as well.

    Right now, my problem is that PCSX-ReARMed doesn't have any hotkey support unlike the other standalone emulators of PiSNES, gpSP, GnGeo-Pi, PiFBA, and MAME4All. I've attached my PCSX-ReARMed config in case anyone wants to check it out and give me some shots in the dark as to how something like a button combo might be achieved within the emulator itself.

    All I need is the ability to map two buttons on the controller so that when they are pressed together they execute the Escape keyboard key: preferably only when PCSX-ReARMed is running, though I could remap the required keyboard key to something none of the other emulators would respond to.

    Would I be able to do the Button+Button=Escape using this? Looks well written, but quite a bit of work so wanted to ask here before I threw my time into it.

    Thank you for your time.

    Investigating something called as a possible solution to this now. Seeing if this topic sheds any light on where to begin with the program: .

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