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Battlezone Arcade rom Not working

  • Hi guys tried searching all over but couldn't find the answer I'm looking for.

    Have tried to get this game working multiple times with no luck, Using advancemame and advmame 1.4. Tried multiple roms with no luck.

    rom names tried: 14kb 15kb 2kb

    not asking for the roms/or where to get them. Just wondering if there is a specific file size/rom name i should be looking for.

    Pi3b running 4.4.12
    Cana 2.5a Power Supply

  • Global Moderator

    @keithk2581 This is a common mistake when starting with Arcade emulation - you need the ROM from the set that matches your emulator, not the other way around (i.e. match the emulator to the ROM).

    Take a moment to read the Arcade Quick Start page to which ROMset you need to use on the emulator. AdvanceMame uses the 0.106 MAME ROMset, so you need a valid ROMset with that version. More detailed about emulator versions and their ROMset :

  • thanks! I actually just came across one that works finally, although it was by trial and error lol. Still new to this and learning every day. Thanks for all of your assistance and help, it is most appreciated!

  • I recommend to use the artwork for Battle Zone as far as it is running now.
    There are only two games where i use those, and Battle Zone is one of them, makes this great game look even better (the other one is asteroids btw),

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