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Different Overlay/Launching Image for SNES/Super Famicom

  • I have my SNES and Super Famicom games split into 2 different systems but they use the same core. Is there a faster way to set the Super Famicom overlay than using the GUI after booting up each individual ROM and changing the overlay manually? And how would I go about changing the launching image per ROM? currently my launching images are system specific but S.Famicom uses the SNES image

  • @benjaminjay It depends on how you split them up.

    If you go into the Retropie Setup menu you'll see Configuration Editor. Select that, then Option 1.

    You should now see a list of systems to choose from. If SNES (USA) and Super Famicom are listed separately, simply go into the Super Famicom one and go down to the Overlay option.

    First, mark Enable Overlay to TRUE.

    Next, go directly beneath that to the next option and pick your overlay.

    You should now be able to exit the Configuration Editor and have everything set up.

    If Super Famicom isn't listed in the Configuration Editor I don't know of a fast way to get them all switched.

    Hope that helped!

  • The Super Famicom shows up as a separate system in the carousel but the ROMs are actually stored within a subdirectory of the SNES ROMs...

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