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Sega Model 2 Support for Retropie.

  • So. I've been searching around for a solution into porting or having someone port the Sega Model 2 Emulator to Retro Pie, And i've come up empty handed. It appears it's somewhat of a 'White Whale' (Actually i stole that directly from someones discord comment because i didn't realize what it meant lol)

    So i'd like to ask the community. Would anyone actually be up to task of porting a Sega Model 2 emulator to Retro Pie? There is already a Sega Model 2 Emulator for Windows.. i'm unsure if it's able to be ported to Retro pie as i'm not really a programmer myself. I've seen 'Sega Model 3' run on Raspberry Pi hardware. And i've even gotten Sega Naomi and Atomiswave to run on my Raspberry Pi. so i don't understand what's holding the Model 2 back. especially with the Nebula Model 2 Emulator.

    again. i don't understand the difficulty in doing that. i'm not a programmer or a developer. and i'd absolutely love to learn how to. but If at all possible, i'd appreciate if anyone looked into it. and it was worked on, since i can't personally seem to find any progress on the matter.

  • @ParanoidAndroid A quick search and I found this info about that particular model 2 emulator: "It is Windows only, closed source and hasn't been updated since 2014." Mame is behind with the emulation and it requires the latest version which is too slow for pi's.

  • @Darksavior I didn't consider closed sourced being an issue. or well. certainly not impossible. Your right on it being old. but it's the most compatible and seems to be well made. based on youtube videos.

  • Honestly it’s a little sad to see no interest in the Sega Model 2.. I had hoped for more of a crowd or more of a reaction to it.

  • @ParanoidAndroid I don’t think it’s necessarily a lack of interest it is that people have asked this before and pretty much given up on it given that: 1) similarly styled 3d mame games don’t work on retropie due to retropie being underpowered; 2) some of these were ported to Dreamcast and those also have performance issues on pi though some work ok enough for me and 3)some of these were ported to Saturn and that doesn’t work on pi. So, I think all of the above leads to not a ton of optimism on this.

  • Until now, the pi don´t have enough power for move sega model 2 or sega model 3 games, until now or better until... pi 4...but i have to agree with @Darksavior , super model 2 is closed source and dont have any update since 2014. Supermodel 3 have open source, i try with the compilation and i dont have much luck in the make process.

    https: // www . supermodel3 /Download.html here are the source if any can try to compile for pi 4.

  • Huh, Well honestly that is sad to see. but i guess i can't complain since i'm not the one programming for it.

    by the way it's off topic to the post but is Retro Pie Supported on the Raspi4?
    seem to be getting alot of mixed signals about it

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    @ParanoidAndroid said in Sega Model 2 Support for Retropie.:

    by the way it's off topic to the post but is Retro Pie Supported on the Raspi4?

    Not yet, but it will be in the future.

  • Isn't the windows supermodel emulator windows only anyway, so even with the source (Which isn't available) it would need a big re-write to move it away from windows.

  • The closed source Model 2 emulator is completely awesome. It could run on literally ancient hardware without any problems whatsoever... high level emulation at its greatest!

    I wish the source code gets somehow released one day.

  • @matchaman Yeah, that's the crux with closed-source, non-free software. Even when it's free as in free beer, if the author stops developing it, nobody else can continue. :(

    That said, someone™ could try to contact the developer about that. <:)

  • i'll look into getting in contact with the author of it. gonna take along time though

  • boop boop a doop just bumpin to keep the convo fresh

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    @ParanoidAndroid please don’t bump posts as per

    besides, unless you can get in contact with the author and get the source code released, there’s no possible progress that can be made (and even then...)

  • @ParanoidAndroid one thing's for sure: he is more than welcome to join us here in the forums. If you have any contact, please ask him to register.

  • @ParanoidAndroid since you asked, well here we are, atleast almost there, I'm sure this will reopen this topic and I did read theses old posts but now the game has changed.
    let's try to get things going with this news I have, so someone I know was messing about and was board so he ended up getting Sega model 3 to compile on rpi4,I checked a few months ago but no Open Source was there so anyways so we tired to compile and got errors, then fixed that as we went on to see what games to run, we tested Daytona USA 2 and the lost world Jurassic Park here's a preview of the lost world with shader errorsalt text, I expected to run good but ran slow at 10 to 35fps, but better then my laptop and of which I couldn't even get to start.

    So I'm here to see if someone knows more or can see how to port this thing as the source is now open, here's the link ```

    I know it's not a working emulator yet, but maybe we can get this fire going.
    Thank you and hope to see someone knock this out.

  • @myzar nice, okay so we just needed to look harder in posts hehe, thanks

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