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RetroPie to SVideo/Composite via VGA666

  • Hey folks! I was hoping for some help. The Sony PVM-2730QM I have only takes in composite or SVideo (which is likely better quality).

    The composite out looks bad. Honestly... it's not great. I do also have a VGA666 adaptor, however this is not Composite natively, outputting to RGB at most.

    Is there a way to set the VGA666 to output SVideo/composite, or do I need to get a converter?

    What is the best way to go from RetroPie to SVideo/Composite?

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    @nickpittom You'll need a converter from VGA to S-Video/Component.

    There's a PI HAT - RetroTink Ultimate - that outputs S-Video and Component directly (, it's not cheap, but people are very pleased with the results.
    The author (@mikechi2) intends to launch a VGA-to-Component converter (RGB2COMP), so you might want to look into that also.

    EDIT: of course, there are other options, don't take just my recommendation into account. Maybe a RGB/Component converter is cheaper than the whole HAT from RetroTINK.

  • @mitu said in RetroPie to SVideo/Composite via VGA666:


    Thanks! Yes, I've checked out RetroTink, but it's not that cheap, so I'm looking at alternatives.

    A VGA to S-Video/Composite may be the way forward. (The monitor doesn't take component).

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    Somethink like this, but US based.

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