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lr-pcsx-rearmed kicks me back to the menu on pi zero with dpi screen, boots games fine on raspberry pi 3 with hdmi on a fresh build

  • Pi Model or other hardware: pi-zero (not zero w)
    Power Supply used: powerboost c1000 max 2A
    RetroPie Version Used : 4.5.1
    Built From: scratch
    USB Devices connected: no
    Controller used: gpio
    Error messages received: none whatsoever
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant): none
    Guide used: none
    Emulator: lr-pcsx-rearmed
    How to replicate the problem: would be hard i think

    so i built a gameboy zero with a generic 3.5" composite display with the controls directly soldered to the gpi. 15 buttons total wired with awg 30 cable, so very low power.
    i used a thicker awg 22 for the power to and from the charger to the pi.
    i downloaded a fresh image that was meant for the pi zero version 4.5.1.
    so i pretty much left the config as it was and just changed :
    so i want to be able to run lr-pcsx-rearmed, wouldnt mind it to choppy or ugly, just get it running on my gameboy zero.
    i switched to the pcsx rearmed but that wouldnt boot at all , not even on the pi3 , so i went back as that just kicks me out of the game and doesnt totally crash my system.
    a few days have past and yes i'm a noob, surprised i got this far.
    problem i now face is, when i put the sd card in the pi3 i can boot the games but i do not get in the retroarch menu at all with the lr-pcsx-rearmed core. the erst of the emulators without a problem, 2 seconds on start and it toggles the retroarch menu.
    i use retrogame from adafruit for the gpio configuration and all buttons work in other emus and menu's.
    for 2 days i'm trying to get in that thing without succes so i cannot make changes to retroach setting and i read on another forum that that i schould change my video driver to "sdl window" .
    i don't think its a power issue as i put it in another zero with 2.4A powersupply i get the same deal, doesnt work in that one either. (yes, seeing its a 1st time build, i bought in double, just to be shure).

    any help is good, thanks in advance and sorry for the bad englisch.

    ask away...

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    We don't support 3rd party images.

  • @BuZz said in lr-pcsx-rearmed kicks me back to the menu on pi zero with dpi screen, boots games fine on raspberry pi 3 with hdmi.:

    We don't support 3rd party images.

    aah ok, thought it was built on retropie it was ok.

    so if i quickly build an image, lr-pcsx-rearmed on it myself then i can come back ( wich i will as it would be good to see if that workes )

  • @BuZz so i adjusted and more important i really did a fresh install from the image here and now run the stock image with only pcsx updated and 2 games to test.
    still get the same errors and everything i found on other places doesnt work either.
    sorry for the double, coulndt delete.

  • so i now get downvotes even when i am replicating my own problem with the problem still present in the new build.
    this isnt ok at all, this is a forum to seek help i would think and for me you guys are the last resort after 2 weeks of build time and days of searching and not finding a solution to my problem.
    so, if you can link me to a solution or provide me tips, thank you, just don't downvote it because its not a project you like please.
    anyone can tell me if i'm doing something wrong or not, i'm not going to eat you alive, and as you can see i'm not the best in my writing, so please comment and not just blatantly downvote what i write here .

    maybe i will not be helped here but i shure hope so, and thanks in advance just for reading.

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    What format are your games ? Are they .cue/.bin/.chd/.img files ?

  • @mitu hey thanks for the reply.
    they are pbp. files and run fine on my raspberry pi 3b with the same sd card.
    difference is hdmi on pi 3 and composite on pi zero

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    @stinus77 A log file from the emulator might help (/dev/shm/runcommand.log). Run the emulator with debug logging toggled from the Runcommand launch menu and the post the output of the log file on
    On a Pi Zero, the standalone emulator would be recommended (pcsx_rearmed) but you said that doesn't work for you.

  • when i go trough runcommand and add any delay, it just boots back to the gamelist and ftp to my pi to the dev folder shm is just empty.
    this is why i think this is just a resolution problem.
    the pi zero is at a 320x240 resolution and the hdmi screen is 640x420... the ps one is more then 320x240 i think and thats why it reboots is my gues... conflict in resolution output.

  • seeing how long it takes i pobably did a bad thing with a stupid answer... noob remeber, dislectic noob... so noob answers and tips welcome...:-)

  • for the love of god and the entire universe a can't get any logfile out of it no matter what... so i'm pretty much stuck.
    enter the game press the button before the game starts,it gives me nothing, am i missing something ?
    starting a games just kicks me out.
    and yes pcsx rearmed totaly crahes my system everytime.

    so the 1st video is trying to boot on the pi zer in the gameboy, as you kan see, just kicks me back.

    the second video is the game booting fine on raspberry 3

    the pi zero when in try it (sdtv 4:3 ), the settings go to another resolution as when i boot it in the pi3.(640x480 @60hz)
    setting the resolution to sdtv 4:3 on the pi3 crashes the game, putting the card back in the pi zero stes the resolution back to sdtv automatic...

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    @stinus77 can you show how the log file is empty? maybe a screenshot of the folder? or if you're doing via command line, a screenshot of the commands?

  • i put it in the pi3 and use filezilla to go to the map.
    now somthing tells me this isnt right ?
    sorry if it is, but its like i tell you, this is all new to me, putting a command line in the terminal is a nightmare for me as i am severely dislectic and the keyboard is set to qwerty in my keyboard is azerty.
    i can use putty if you have the commands.
    this has to be a screen issue,because the screen turns off and back on when it kicks me back, i think this is a resolution problemits like it cannot communicate with the display.
    ive got this far and hope i can finisch this problem with the help of you guys here, otherwise i have put the extra buttons on the back for nothing...

  • Not to stir up this pot, but earlier you said -

    @stinus77 said in lr-pcsx-rearmed kicks me back to the menu on pi zero with dpi screen, boots games fine on raspberry pi 3 with hdmi on a fresh build:

    they are pbp. files and run fine on my raspberry pi 3b with the same sd card.

    Last I knew, the pi3 and pi0 require different installations. If it works on your 3b, it shouldn't work on your Zero W. You aren't supposed to be able to take the card out of a 3b and put it straight into a Zero and expect it to work. PErhaps you need to make yourself a new card using a proper Pi 0 image?

  • @Thorr69 installation of the image is done on the pi zero, i only swith to the pi3 to use the wifi connection ( and yes to test if it runs on that ) for filezilla to put on the roms or use putty . as i cant get my wifi stick to work with the pi zero, keryboard is working fine with the zero, so the usb port is working. pi zero images always boot fine on pi3 for the record.
    it also gives extra resolution settings on pi3. i have seen the lr-pcsx-rearmed running games on the pi zero at full speed with 3.5inch displays, with proper tweaking they schould run better then the pcsx rearmed. i would be glad just to get it running.

  • Gotcha. I also just found this line in your original post:

    @stinus77 said in lr-pcsx-rearmed kicks me back to the menu on pi zero with dpi screen, boots games fine on raspberry pi 3 with hdmi on a fresh build:

    i downloaded a fresh image that was meant for the pi zero version 4.5.1.

  • @Thorr69 meaning ? ( and edited the previous pst, slipt on my keybord and accindently posted to soon.
    the native resolution of the psx is 640x480, i think this is the problem and why it boots back, is there maybe a way to override this ?
    is there a way to let it think its running 640x320 and let it play the video on the 320x240 display?
    also funny thing happenned and don't know anymore what i did as went to all settings a hundred times, but pcsx rearmed isnt crashing my whole system anymore when i choose the different core...just boots me back like lr-pcsx-rearmed now.

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    @stinus77 most ps1 games are 320x240. i don't know any that are 640x480. anyway i don't think that's the issue, but i've never heard of an emulator booting without a log file generated. do you not get one when you launch a working game (snes, etc)?

  • @dankcushions i will test it, i don't have any installed as i would like to build this as a portable playstation.
    there schould be a file even when using filzilla ,right ?

  • @dankcushions just booted street fighter 2, it gives me nothing... am i maybe missing something in the settings ? fresh install couple of days , pi image is from here.

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