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How to boot a Tandy CoCo in Extended Basic?

  • Xroar boots the CoCo in Extended Basic mode so you can use disks, which is the format the vast majority of its software is archived in. But Xroar is nasty, with a constant background sound of someone cheesegrating cutlery, and MESS would be the more elegant solution.

    Unfortunately AdvMESS boots the CoCo in BASIC 1.0 (with no disk support) and after scouring the MESS docs with a fine-tooth comb I can't figure out how to get it to use Extended Basic instead.

    I'm pretty sure the BIOS file required will be either of the extbas10.rom and extbas11.rom files I have in my CoCo BIOS folder (I also have disk10.rom and disk11.rom), but I'm scratching my head trying to work out how to tell AdvMESS to use them.

    It's not the misc_bios line in ADVMESS.RC - I changed that from

    misc_bios default


    misc_bios extbas11.rom

    and to

    misc_bios extbas11

    but that made no difference, still just booted in BASIC 1.0. I also tried just renaming the extbas10.rom file (and the disk10.rom file) to bas10.rom, but no dice there either, still just basic BASIC 1.0. And I tried deleting all the BIOS files except extbas11.rom, but it somehow still managed to just boot in BASIC 1.0. Pretty much out of ideas now. Anyone help?

  • Self-Solving Problems Department: the trick is to put "cocoe" in the EMULATORS.CFG line rather than "coco"...

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