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Running Donkey Kong Remix (CoCo3 version) in AdvMESS

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    Has anyone had any luck with this? I can get it to boot up no bother and start a game, but for some reason the controls are completely screwy - right and jump work fine, but up on the joystick is left and nothing appears to work for up, so you can't climb the first ladder.

    Other CoCo3 games have no problems, the joystick works normally. And the DSK file I'm using works perfectly in PC emulators like MAME, just not in Retropie.

    What's weirder still is that the controls work normally in the pre-game menus - up is up, down is down etc. And if you change the Analog Stick controls in the MESS menu (so that left is up etc), it doesn't change anything at all in the game - you still have to push the stick up to go left.

    I'm baffled.

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