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RetroArch/Emulator Specific Per Game Settings?

  • Is there a way to set specific game settings in terms of say 4:3 resolution for lr-mupen64plus for a specific game? Like Mario Kart and Super Mario 64 will run comfortably at a higher resolution than say Paper Mario or Mario Golf. This goes for other settings on other games like on lr-fceumm where I would want to prioritize run ahead for Mike Tyson Punch-Out!!! but maybe want fast forward to work better in a game like Final Fantasy. Or in lr-ppsspp if you try to set an internal resolution higher than the default, the game will crash and will not boot next time with the updated resolution.

    I know some of these are emulator specific and some are RetroArch settings and I'm curious about both.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • @dankcushions

    Thanks for the response.

    Dumb of me. I already have many of the game specific RetroArch configs on MAME for overlays.

    In my personal experience, the per game core saves haven't worked for a while. This goes for my 3B+ and my 4B. Would you mind checking to see that it works? In my experience it defaults to whatever options I used in the core last, regardless of whether there is a game save. Remaps work for me, but core options haven't for some time.

    May be because my roms are all on a USB? Not sure.

    I just tried one and when I booted up the rom, it saved over my core settings with the last settings I used.

    mupen64plus-next-pak4 = "memory" --> mupen64plus-next-pak4 = "none"

    I've tried using PS1 (lr-pcsx-rearmed) roms as well depending on whether the speed hack and increased res options are viable/necessary or controller needs set to analog.

    Is this by chance something you (or someone else) would be willing to test quickly? Thanks.

    ================================ -- Diddy Kong Racing (U) (v1.1) [!].opt located in /opt/configs/all/retroarch/config/Mupen64Plus-Next GLES2 --retroarch.cfg

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