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EmulationStation Not Recognizing Wii Classic Controller Pros (SOLVED)

  • Hi,

    Pi Model: 2 B
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.0-rc1 (installed with 3.8.1)
    Built From: SD Image
    USB Devices connected: Keyboard and Bluetooth dongle (
    Controller used: Wiimote + Classic Controller Pro
    Error messages received: No Gamepads Detected
    Guide used: Method 2 of
    File: N/A
    Emulator: N/A
    Attachment of config files: N/A
    How to replicate the problem:

    1. Win32DiskImager wrote 3.8.1 onto 32 GB microSD card
    2. Overclocked Pi and changed memory split to 320 from 256
    3. Updated RetroPie Setup Script and then Quick Installed
    4. Followed method 2 ( using MoltenGamepad and followed instructions to the letter
    5. Result:

    My two 2x wiimotes have been trusted, connected, and paired (without PIN) and have remained connected thanks to "power on". However, when I go to EmulationStation, none of my buttons on my wiimote and classic controller pro work except for the d-pad. And when you do press the d-pad, EmulationStation detects it as Keyboard and not another gamepad. I've tried Method 1 with Option B, but that doesn't work either because my wiimotes fail to start an active connection (i.e., wiimotes LED blinks when you press 1+2, but don't stay on like Option 2).

    Any help appreciated. I've done a lot of Googling and searching to no avail. This problem has been driving me crazy for the last few days. Thanks in advance.

  • I'm replying to this to say that I am having the exact same problem, with the only difference being I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

  • There are tutorials on setting up wiimotes. You cant just pair alone. But for me i couldnt get it working properly on newer versions of retropie. I had to uninstall the extra stuff you have to download for this because my wifi stopped working and probably the bluetooth as well.

  • What do you mean by "can't pair alone"? Like the original poster, it felt like I followed the tutorials perfectly yet it still didn't work - I feel like I did something wrong but have no idea what.

  • @hylatio no nothing wrong. I did this tons of times before no problems. For whatever reason it wont work for me either on newer retropie. But it also made my wifi stop working when i install the file it downloads. Im assuming it messes up the bluetooth as well causing the problem. Using a usb bluetooth may make it work right. I dunno. However the new tutorial says you need to remove all controls not pertaining to wii classic controller for the classic controller to work. I forget what the file name was but its one of the ones you added that had the wii controls.

  • Thanks for contributing to the discussion, guys.

    Quitting for Now
    I've decided to forgo this wireless option until another updated version of RetroPie or controller guide comes out.

    I've read some posts saying that it's not smart to downgrade or to uninstall packages to make something fit. Rather, one should configure the controllers to work with the newer RetroPie versions.

    Wired Alternative Solution
    In the meanwhile, I've decided to order a Wii Classic Controller Adapter for PC - an inconvenient yet cheap solution. Amazon reviews say that this should work.

  • @BlackRiot which adapter did you get? Raphnet has a good one in both chip only and cable. I had a mayflash one and the bumpers didnt work. The wii u wireless one states that the bumpers dont work. Not sure why they dont work on wither adapter??? The wiimote style at least on older setups the direction pad and d pad didnt work at the same time. If you have the left analog set on its default setting in whatever wii file it was, in n64 it worked as analog. If you swapped the analog and d pad settings the dpad worked as dpad not analog in n64 makes no sense??? I was hoping they fixed the problems so i thought i would nbe able to use wiimotes on a pi nes mini but couldnt get it to work. So i will stick to using the hard wired classic controller ports only when i get the nes mini and mod it

  • The adapter seems like a good idea. It seems like it takes some work to get that working too, though. Hopefully that guide will be updated... it says that it was updated for version 3.7. Maybe something changed from 3.8 onward?

  • @hylatio the adapter from works great. No problems at all. Configures just like any other usb controller. I would remove and purge the file that the tutorial made you install if you go another route than the wiimote way. One of the problems it had when i did have it work was any wiimotes you set up were forced as your first controllers. Even if they arent turned on. Not sure if its still the same but it doesnt appear they made too many changes.

  • @edmaul69 Thanks for the heads up about the Mayflash adapter and the Raphnet. Good to know that there are options out there.

    @hylatio Hopefully, EmulationStation should recognize the controllers once you plug it in like USB controllers. I'm in no rush to get it now though since I'll be working abroad soon.

  • @BlackRiot yup usb is easy peasy. I wish that the wiimote method wasnt such a pain in the butt. I actually made a mod with a classic controller board inside a project box that allowed me to use atari paddles, modified apple ii joystick, atari joysticks, sega master system controllers, and neo geo controllers. Also i modified controllers with a 9 pin cable removing their circuits, all 4 style nes controllers, turbografx 2 button controllers, (both a pcengine blue and pc engine shuttle controller) fairchild channel f joysticks, an atari flashback 7800 mini joystick and several others i cant think of at the moment. Then i modified some controllers to use a 15 pin pinout like the neo geo uses but using all the pins. I modded a genesis 6 button, a super nintendo controller, a 6 button pc engine controller and a 3 button pc engine controller. Then i have an n64 controller modified as a classic controller with a chip from raphnet. Then i modded an atari joystick and an atari paddle with a nunchuck board inside plus another mod with a nunchuck board that lets me plug in atari paddles and my modded apple iie joystick in.

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    Did you try adding a udev rule for the controller from the Bluetooth configuration menu? May help (or not).

  • @BuZz the tutorial has you add a udev rule. Didnt try from inside the bluetooth menu myself.

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    Reply was meant for OP, but it may well need more than that. Don't have the classic controller to test.

  • @BuZz yeah i know. Thats why i stated myself. :) I tried this a few days ago to fail miserably even though i had done it many times before 3.7.

  • Long update, but I resolved this issue using the Mayflash Wireless Sensor Bar (, which circumvents the pesky control configurations.

    Thanks, everybody!

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