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  • Hello all...
    I have some questions I am hoping someone can help me with: when I enter retroarch from within a loaded rom, and make changes, when back out to the first screen and select "save configuration", nothing happens. The only time I can get the config to save is when I turn on "save on exit", but then that wreaks havoc on my per ROM and Core configs because (I believe) the global config imported into the core and then saved on exit. Do I need to enable "per core " configs in order to save core configs?

    I read through all the documentation on configuring controllers, and watched the video - and core input remapping looks like the absolute best to handle making different control schemes for different emulators, but I cannot find the option under "quick menu". Has core input remapping been removed from the latest version of retroarch? Is there some other option that has taken it's place, or are manual edits of retroarch.cfg files at varying levels the only option .

    Thank you all for your time!

  • Could you be more specific? What are you trying to change? Just edit the main retroarch.cfg file. If you want to to it per system edit the retroarch.cfg file of the desired system, it should override the main retroarch.cfg

    Doing it trough the RGUI menu can be confusing in my case it only led me to problems. Manually configuration the config file is the best way.

  • We could have here a score like those they have in industry but with the text "This forum has worked __ days without a config_save_on_exit confused user". :-)

    @johncfigueroa said in Core Input Remapping and Saving Core retroarch.cfg files:

    (...) core input remapping looks like the absolute best to handle making different control schemes for different emulators, but I cannot find the option under "quick menu".

    Indeed. This is the best way to achieve that. Go to Quick Menu and then select Controls, it is between Options and Cheats. And fortunately you don't need to set config_save_on_exit to true to get it working as expected.

    I hope it solves your problem.

  • @Floob Thanks for the links - so in my original post I said the core input mapping option wasn't where it was supposed to be, but that was completely wrong. The documentation and the video are both solid and provide totally accurate information that works.

    What I found, though, is that the core input remapping option is just not available in mame-libretro. That was it - that was my problem .

    Core input remapping options were exactly where they should be in all the other emulators I use. Thank you for your help and sorry for wasting everyone's time. :-)

  • @meleu Yep... totally. Thanks man... I was turned around because the option doesn't exist in mame-libretro - but it exists in all the other emulators I've tried. Thanks for the help!

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum but I've read most of what I could find related to retroarch.cfg file. I've seen Floob's videos also, and although they explained a lot, I still can't understand why the following happens:
    No matter what I change in all/retroarch.cfg, the SYSTEM/retroarch.cfg will always have "Configuration Per-Core" = OFF.
    I try to save it using RGUI (snes for example) or manually in snes/retroarch.cfg but whenever I exit and enter any snes rom (example), the "Configuration Per-Core" will always be OFF.

    One other thing, the full content of global retroarch.cfg is also copied to SYSTEM retroarch.cfg, but not the "Configuration Per-Core" settings, even if it's ON in global, it will always be OFF in SYSTEM.

    Should I give up, is this intended to work like this?
    I just want to have different configurations for each of my cores

    Thanks for your help.

  • Another example that my files are being ignored,

    all - retroarch.cfg:

    config_save_on_exit = "false"

    megadrive retroarch.cfg:

    input_remapping_directory = "/opt/retropie/configs/megadrive/"
    config_save_on_exit = "false"
    #include "/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg"

    Although in both places I've set config_save_on_exit to false, when I run a megadrive rom, the PicoDrive core shows the following in RGUI:
    "Save Configuration on Exit ON"

    I'm I going mad? I must be missing something.

    When I check running processes while the rom is running: "ps -ef | grep retroarch", I see the invoked config file is the expected one, but RGUI shows it different.

    Thanks again for helping solving this out.

    Ok, Finally I figure it out, there is another file that overrides all setting: ""
    Is it Ok if I just change this setting to OFF?
    config_save_on_exit = "false"

  • @meleu Thanks a lot, that is helpful.
    I'm now able to set all configs as I wanted. (save on exit OFF / config per core ON)

  • @jtadeia

    I'm now able to set all configs as I wanted. (save on exit OFF / config per core ON)

    config per core is useless in RetroPie. All the systems load their own individual retroarch.cfg file and then include the global with the #include line.

    If you are patient for a further reading, maybe this thread can clarify something more for you:

  • Global Moderator

    in fact, config per core is depreciated in retroarch. it's not in the latest builds so i guess will be gone from later versions of retropie.

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