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Scraping with rom-folders structure

  • Hi everyone,
    the title is a little enigmatic but I will now explain my problem.

    I use to have a rom-folder structure within the game system folder. This means that I have a game-folder for each rom in every system. Just to be more organized.
    Now I tried to experiment scraping on my Atari 2600 games and the result is that in the end I can't see any information or image from the list of games within the Atari 2600 menu. But if I click on a game, thus entering in that game folder, I find the rom itself (obviously) and its informations like description and game image (which I already checked during scraping and they are all correct).
    I want to see all of this in the game list, of course, and I realize that the problem is the folder-structure within the system folder. Are my suspects right?

    If it is so, I have no problem to "get out" my roms from their folders for every system I have but I think there is one big problem: what should I do if I want to scrape my PSX games?
    These are always at least two files (.bin and .cue) and sometimes there are many other files, so I think the folder structure for these games is essential. Am I wrong? Or could I get even them out from their folders and thus creating some kind of a mess of files?

    What should I do in the end?
    Many thanks in advance!

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