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Pi Zero Initial Boot - Black Screen

  • Hey Everyone!

    Im extremely new at this and what I thought would be an easy fun project has turned into a frustrating one. I am getting absolutely no response from my Pi Zero when I put the power to it. Here is what I've done:

    1. Downloaded the correct .img file
    2. Used ApplePi-Baker to format it and put the .img file on it
    3. plugged everything into to the Pi Zero to setup the controller
      .... nothing but a black screen. I don't even know if there is an indicator light on the Pi Zero

    Would the type of controller make any difference? I planned to use an old USB controller from around 2003.

    Thanks for your help!


    Read this. Maybe wrong powered maybe your SD is somehow wrong

  • It was the SD card. Apparently nothing was loaded on it....

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