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The one game I wanted... Pokemon Snap

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    @dankcushions said in The one game I wanted... Pokemon Snap:

    lr-glupen64 (which i think is the current default)

    Is lr-glupen64 really out-performing the standalone Mupen64Plus currently?

  • FYI, a reboot of the Pi brought the stick control back, but the game issue remains.

  • @acraigl
    While still not perfect it is playable with latest GLideN64 build. It isn't perfect but professor oak can now grade your images. Caveat is you can't see them. So if you take 5 picachu pics you have to remember / guess which one is best. It just shows a placeholder image instead of your picture. But it does let Oak grade now! Not sure when it will be a priority, but since the current binary released version shows you the image, but not Oak, I would hope it means eventually it can be fully working once a developer makes it a priority.

    If you are using retropie you need to update N64 from source to get this. It is Work In Progress so it has other issues. Mario has flickering issues, of course you can use another video plugin for SM64, but other Rom could have a regression issue as well. Gonetz blog says he hopes to have a new stable version out by end of year.

    Also when it saves your data after picture time, it takes a while. You might think it frozen, but it doesn't, just takes some time.

    Here is link to the issue that is listed as closed on GLideN64 github Issue

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  • @maz Thanks so much! Will update from source -- can't wait to try! :)

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    Very interesting progress report, thanks. I always look forward to hearing of advancements in this area and it's always impressive. Whoever said you can't get blood from a stone never met these developers.

  • I'm happy to report that updating from source (that took a while!) and switching to GLideN64 did indeed work as @maz described, and I'm able to continue on with the game. It's littered with artifacts, choppy sound, and there's some transparency in the environments where there shouldn't be, but as stated, playable.

    Thanks guys -- new to all this but sponging up all the info I can as I come up to speed.

  • @acraigl
    Good luck with your pester balls and secret areas. The clipping bug helps you know where things are. I wonder if oak will grade pictures properly with clipping or if he will give you points for something he shouldn't.

    Also go find pikachu on a stump with lightning!

  • How do I know when the emulators get updated? Is it just try occasionally or are there notifications available as part of retropie?

  • @acraigl
    I don't have a great answer for you. Specifically for GLideN64 there is a source code repository I have been checking since the project lead gonetz said a new version is imminent. It actually was just published as a specific 2.0 release yesterday. Still has some regression issues like Mario64 though.

    GLideN64 code repository blog

    Not sure how active mupen64plus or glupen is for actual emulators.

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