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Ps3 controller pairing (possible bug)

  • Pi Model: N/A (x86_64 laptop)
    RetroPie Version Used: (not sure not at home atm)
    Built From: linux mint added repo and built from stable source
    USB Devices connected: 2.0 bluetooth dongle
    Controller used: Dualshock 3
    Error messages received:N/A
    Guide used: (
    File: N/A
    Emulator: Emulationstation
    Attachment of config files:N/A
    How to replicate the problem:
    1.Install linux mint
    2.Retropie - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x86 Flavor (steps 2.1-2.3)
    3.retropie_setup install ps3 driver(default repo)
    4.retropie_setup pair ps3 controller
    5.bluetooth allow connection
    6. Start emulation station with ps3 controller plugged in over usb.
    7. When at controller config screen unplug usb and press ps button. (Rumble pad rumbles to confirm sucess)

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but unless you follow the steps I listed exactly above I cannot get a ps3 controller to configure at the emulationstation joypad config screen.

    Following any of the guides for pairing ps3 controllers does not seem to work. Emulationstation detects the controllers just fine (1 gamepad detected) but when you try to configure the input buttons. You can hold a button to configure and it detects playstation 3 controller, but when you config the buttons it does not detect input.

    If needed I can make a video to better document.

  • administrators

    @soulgriever that driver should probably not be used on Ubuntu etc. You should be able to pair a ps3 controller via the desktop Bluetooth GUI etc. However there are some known issues with ps3 and sdl2 which are not resolved on x86 - we have a custom sdl2 for the RPI, but it's not yet available for x86 etc.

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