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Tobal 2 slow motion

  • Hello guys! I have just installed Retropie on Raspberry and everything works great, but I'm seeing something like slow motion in Tobal 2 game. FPS during slow-mo don't drops - retroarch information shows 60 FPS.
    I didn't any retroarch configuration or core modification, just tried something like gpu threading on/off, vsync on/off etc - nothing helps. Simply saying - I have default settings.

    Any advice? Thanks!

    Additional information:

    Pi Model: 3 B
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.1
    Built From: (Clean installation, using pre made SD Image on RetroPie website)
    Controller used: Two USB Joysticks

    tarting PCSX-ReARMed
    Running PCSX Version 1.9 (Oct 18 2016).
    psxMap: warning: wanted to map @80000000, got 0x74061000
    found BIOS file: SCPH1001.BIN
    Init new dynarec
    testing if we can run recompiled code..
    test passed.
    warning: RAM is not directly mapped, performance will suffer
    Mapped (RAM/scrp/ROM/LUTs/TC):
    RGB565 supported, using it
    plugin: plugins/builtin_gpu
    plugin: plugins/builtin_spu
    plugin: plugins/builtin_pad
    plugin: plugins/builtin_pad
    Plugins loaded.
    Loaded CD Image: /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/psx/Tobal 2 JP/Tobal 2 (J) [SLPM-86033].cue[+cue].
    Track 01 (DATA) - Start 00:02:00, Length 63:15:44
    selected sound output driver: libretro
    CD-ROM Label: SLPM-86033
    CD-ROM ID: SLPM86033
    CD-ROM EXE Name: SLPM_860.33;1

  • Found only one video with Retropie and Tobal 2 -

    And as I see, it doesn't have such problem...

    But this is my video:

  • Issue has been fixed after updating Retropie to the latest git commit.

  • @ND Thanks for using my Vine to demonstrate. I was using the Pi2 at the time I filmed the Tobal2 Vine (English patched version btw). And I recall that this was using unfiltered textures. But it ran fantastic given the fact that the game itself ran in Hi-Res and 60hz.

    I just upgraded to a Pi3 courtesy of the missus and so was quite surprised to see your video running the game slow on Pi3. But glad to see it's been sorted so I'm keen to play this again soon. 😀

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