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Help needed for a Handheld Project

  • @moosepr What is +ve or -ve? Or where is that?

    alt text

    So to put it in perspective, what colour wires do I wire exactly from the 5 pins to the Teensy LC? (kinda noob so don't understand yet)

  • @Jiehfeng That arduino tutorial has many different parts I don't have, so I don't really know how to understand it with my own parts.

  • @Jiehfeng ah sorry, on the sticks, +ve is the pwr and -ve is the gnd. Connecting to the teensy you will want to connect the pwr pin on the stick to the 3.3v on the teensy, and gnd to gnd.

    you will then want to connect the dir pins (dirH and dirV), into analog pins on the teensy (they are the a0-a9 pins). and for a final bonus, you could attach the click pin from the sticks into any of the digital pins (the grey ones on the diagram) you could always assign them to start/select so you dont need the extra buttons

    your code on the teensy will then read the voltage from the analog pins, which will range from 0 to 3.3v over the range of movement of the stick

  • @moosepr Thanks a bunch, that's 90% of the info I need to finish my project. The other 10% is the wires. I understand completely where the pins connect to the teensy, but what colour wires for what pins?

    GND - Black
    PWR - Red
    Dir H - Yellow?
    Dir V - Green?
    Click - White?

    Do buttons use red or white wire?

  • @Jiehfeng technically speaking, the colour of the wires is irrelevant. as long as you know what colour does what, your golden. Most people do tend to stick with red for power, and black for ground, but nothing is set in stone

  • Hey, I just got the Teensy LC with a few momentary push button switches. I put a button onto the PCB and soldered it on, then put a red wire to the top left pin and the black wire to the bottom left pin (soldered), and connected the black to the GND on the Teensy and the red to the 0 digital pin.
    But for some reason my button isn't working? I tried the basic example and button example on teensyduino but the button won't respond.

  • @Jiehfeng do you have access to a multimeter?

    On the push buttons, there are normally 4 pins, but some are connected and some switch.


    If you look at the bottom right part of the image, the top 2 pins are always connected together, and the bottom pins are connected together, then all 4 are connected together when the button is pressed

  • @moosepr No sadly not.
    I'll try switching the wires up to every possible pin and see if it works. The switch is SPST btw.

  • @Jiehfeng Just tried with another button, works fine. I guess that button was faulty. Thanks again. :)

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