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Drastic DS Emulator - Zelda Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass crashes on boot

  • So, even though Drastic is still in Beta, Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass should still be playable - as the games have successfully booted for many users (and the Drastic change-log talks about making bug fixes in these games, so they should be playable and not crash to begin with).

    ...Yet they seem to crash for me. Are there any settings I have to set up or something to make them work? I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 and the latest version of Retropie. Thanks in advance.


  • @HenrikoMagnifico Currently I don't think the Microphone emulation is working/implemented yet. Any game that uses the microphone (on the Pi version of Drastic) will probably crash out. I don't think anybody has successfully booted the Zelda games on the Pi version so i'm not sure where you got that info.

    Zelda Games (crash).
    GTA Chinatown Wars (crashes, uses microphone to hail a taxi).
    LEGO Indy (crashes when you pickup the blowpipe).
    MCF Millionaire (crashes when cleaning badge).

    So if the game crashes, it's probably due to the microphone emulation not complete.

  • @windale I see. Thanks for the reply!

  • @HenrikoMagnifico
    You might try reaching out to the developer of DraStic (Exophase) about bugs and crashes:

    The source code is closed so he's the only person that will be able to fix it.

  • @henrikomagnifico

    Realize this is old, but my question continues off the OP and with a little bit of an update. Still seeking the same resolution. I'm trying to play the two d-pad patched Zelda (P-Hour and Spirit-T) DS games on my Drastic emulator but they just offer a glimpse of early load up, then black out to menu. No other games, patched or otherwise have given me any trouble.

    I will add, they will actually run on a pi though. They will run (albeit horribly) on lr-desmume barely, so its something with Drastic it seems. Any thoughts or updates?

  • @moltke44 Drastic has not been updated since. The problem is what @windale said, the microphone emulation hasn't been implemented.

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