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Specific game issuses: PSX diablo1

  • Hey, I've been using my Retropie for a few months now and having quite good success with most consoles and roms etc. most issues I've been able to find support on the net or though this forum. However i really wanted to be able to play Diablo on PSX being it has 2 player mode (not net play) opposed to the computer version. The game loads fine however I've no controls!? I can use start + select to exit but other than that nothing responds. If anyone else has been playing this and can offer any advise it would be great.

  • I tested it at 1 player and it worked, didnt try with 2 players mode, but, did you tryed other rom version?

  • Yea I've downloaded a few different roms, all start up and run, but i cant seem to use any controls. I cant even skip the start into etc. as no controls register


    I found this post and seems this chap is experiencing the same issue

  • did you have all the psx bios?, I´ll try the two players mode this afternoon to see what you said.

    Anyway, did you read the forum rules (provide more info plz:

    And, this topic should be posted on "Help" forum :p

  • I think i have all psx bios, (ive 15 bios files varying in the last 4 digits/numbers) ive acquired a few different packs and it the game launches fine, so im unsure as if its a bios issue? (the only drama is no controls) Sorry to ive lacked info, ill best try describe my pi build best i can, im not super computer competent but ill try my best. Ive a pi3 b with latest version of retro pi installed. Ive overclocked to 1.4ghz with heat sinks and also a fan. i havent yet checked power supply cable as to its capacity as ive read more power better, especially when over clocked, how ever that doesnt seem as though it would help the problem.. I dont know of any other information that could best help you assist me :(
    Did you have to adjust any retroarch setting when first playing d1 on retropie? Thankyou so far for your help, im sorry i can be vauge. and also just reading your last message again i realise i didnt post this in the 'help forum'... i thought i had sorry

  • "ve a pi3 b with latest version of retro pi installed": Should say what version is 4.1.XX?

  • Confirmed, it works perfect with 1 and 2 players mode, I got the rom: Diablo (USA)(EN,FR,DE,SV); my rpi version is 4.1.14 (I updated minuts ago).

    Controllers used: universal PS2 (player 1) and universal SNES (player 2)

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    my guess is you turned analog controls on. any game that doesn't support/was made before the psx analog controller came out will not respond if you turn it on.

  • that´s true, psx havent analog control

  • I had the same issue. Putting one of the BIOS files in the \retropie\bios folder fixed the issue for me.

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