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XBox 360 Controller and the XPad Driver

  • There are plenty of guides and how-to's to be found when setting up the XBoxdrv driver for an XBox360 controller, such as @mediamogul's excellent Advanced Controller Mappings guide. There is much less to be found on the XPad driver. My question is, how does one tweak the analog stick deadzones in the XPad driver?
    I have found that when testing the controller using jstest, the rest positions of my analog sticks still report large numbers rather than zero. This has not yet become a specific problem for me that I can report, but when I do get into testing emulators which make use of the analog sticks, and I experience the "slow drift" issue that so many people have reported, I'd like to be armed with the knowledge of how to tweak the deadzones. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Before everyone suggests switching to XBoxdrv - yes, I know XBoxdrv gives well-documented control over deadzones. But I want to learn whether XPad offers such control as well.

    Pi Model: 3
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.1.13
    Controller used: XBox360 Wireless
    Driver: XPad
    Guide used:

    How to replicate findings:
    cd /dev/input
    ls (and then take note of your joystick id, such as "js0")
    jstest js0 (or whatever your joystick id is)
    Wiggle both analog sticks, and then allow them to re-center themselves.
    Take note of the numeric values of Axes 0, 1, 2 and 3.
    Notice, in their rest position (unless you have a perfect XBox360 controller), the value is not 0.

  • I would also be quite interested to hear people's opinions and experience with this. The advanced controller mapping guide is excellent and very comprehensive for xboxdrv however the retropie wiki does seem to suggest xpad is the preferred and is even the default.

    I would especially be interested if anyone has any suggestions for xpad tweaks to improve ScummVM analog control.

    Thanks very much.

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