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SH command using 100% CPU

  • Noticed that my Rpi3 was running hot all the time. 72 degrees celsius in standby.

    Checked TOP and saw that SH is using 100% CPU.

    Cat'd the process and this is what I found:

    /bin/sh-cwhile true; do for mac in ; do hcitool con | grep -q "$mac" || echo "connect $mac" | bluetoothctl >/dev/null 2>&1; sleep 10; done; done

    I have a bluetooth PS3 controller sync'd to the Pi.

    All my packages are up to date. Ran the updater and rebooted before posting this.

    Is this a known issue?

  • administrators

    @DNVB you must have enabled the "background connect" mode in the bluetooth settings in retropie-setup, which is not designed for use with ps3 controllers, and is not needed in most cases with other controllers.

  • Yes it was set to background. I'm guessing it should be "default"? I've set the config to default and rebooted. Will run upstairs to check that the controller still works!


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