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Detecting input devices in Raspberry Pi 0

  • Hello everyone,

    I have recently bought a Raspberry Pi (not the Wi-Fi one though) and I have never managed to get Retropie working properly.
    When I plug it in, it boots normally and loads into the emulator selection menu. If I only have one input device, in this case a USB wireless keyboard it works and I am able to set up the button configuration. The problem is when I try to turn it on with a USB hub for more ports .If there is a USB hub and in that hub there is that same keyboard dongle and a Wi-Fi adapter the Pi zero just doesn't recognize the keyboard, however, the small LEDs in the wireless network adapter indicate that it is working. Some people told me that the issue might be the power supply but that is not the case apparently, since I have tried plugging it in that same configuration with a special USB 3A power supply and a regular cheap 2A one, the results were very much the same. Some videos I have seen online showed projects using USB hubs and they didn't seem to have a problem. The USB hubs I am currently using have 4 ports, I don't know if that makes any difference but I don't think so.
    If anyone could help me or give me any suggestions I would very much appreciate it.

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